Ep086: Aishling Muller

Aishling Muller on inner journeys fueling creativity, shifting and deepening life, meaningful world travels, pretentious hardware, documenting evolution of self, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, specific techniques and practices for healing others.

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Aishling Muller Consciousling Creating - https://www.heartheartheartearth.com/
Aishling Muller Holistic Creative Coach - https://www.crystalcaillech.com/

Essay: Some Thoughts in 2019

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Ep085: Max Igan

Max Igan on identifying problems, inspiring people, living outside the system, etymology of words, and in the exclusive extension for patrons what all U.S. Middle East wars are secretly for.

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Ep084: Carlo Alvite

Carlo Alvite on the Toltecs, Carlos Castaneda, hidden knowledge, Samael Aun Weor, experience, energy, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, conscious sexuality, tantra, and sexual transmutation.

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Ep083: Rak Razam

Rak Razam on the pilgrimage made by the Huichol people and their medicine men, the Marakames, the hardships and sacrifices of the journey, and the delicate responsibility of filming their sacred ceremonies.

Ep081: Christian Stark

Christian Stark on The Law of One / The Ra Contact, meditation, vibrational densities, paths of practice, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, the archetypical mind and the tarot.

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New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove (Youtube Channel) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFk448YbGITLnzplK7jwNcw
Interviews of Pierre Grimes by Jeffrey Mishlove (YouTube Playlist) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Uc8pJLwso&list=PLp6rnhCy8XkqAE57aat2IlfmgZal5HrAl
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Essay: Reason For Being

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Yes, we have new opening theme music. It's by Borrtex. The old music was a bit sleepy so the aim was to get something that made you more pumped for the mega audio excellence ahead!

Also, it appears as though I slightly mis-pronounced the Japanese Work "Ikigai" in this. Blame my dyslexia.

Ep080: Josephine McCarthy

Josephine McCarthy on a modern school for magic, experience over intellect, secrecy, self-corrective systems, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, magical Egypt and powerful women in occultism. 

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Ep078: Greg Carlwood

Greg Carlwood on creating your own job, elevating conspiratorial thinking, control and suppression systems, and in the first exclusive extension for patrons, forbidden cancer treatments and cures.

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