SPOKEN WORD Essay Collection Volume I: SeeKing Illumination

A collection of timeless spoken word essays narrated by Niles sharing spiritual philosophic concepts on life. These aim to pump audio goodness into your mind brain sponge, do an ever so slight squeegeeing of your third eye, and make you a more conscious human being after intaking. If you have the ears to hear of course.

The collection consists of the first 25 essays created from 2017 to 2019. Originally part of the podcast An Infinite Path, these are the first full collection of public and private essays available individualized with just the raw voice. Recorded in various closets so the sound inflection does vary, but audio quality is for the most part, consistent.

The vast majority of them were written by Niles with the exception of a small handful which were co-written or borrowed in which case credit is given in the id3 tags of the mp3 file. Some are a few minutes, and some are over half an hour, resulting in a total of 5 hours and 45 minutes of audio content.

The essays included are: A Method For Creating Reality, A New Definition of Greatness, A Questions of Velocity, Being Critical of Criticism, Big Sports Fansmanship, Childish Asleep Robots, Deciphering A Symbol, Forward Movement, From Centralized to Decentralized, Health is Wealth, In Recovery with Ted Nugent, Letting Go of Intentions, Proactive Beats Reactive, Reading Through You Ears, Real Spirituality Over Fake Spirituality, Reason For Being, Schooling is Not Education, Setting Players to Zero, Some Thoughts in 2019, Student of Life, Tapping Into Symbols and Synchronicity, The Individuation Process, This Infinite World of Ours, What Do we Do About All This, and What You Are and What You Are Not.

A free preview of one of the essays can be downloaded HERE. The full collection of 25 essays for $12 is less than 50 cents per mp3 audio file. Purchasing helps support future volumes.