A DIGITAL Inner Development Archive

Much of the world's wisdom on a single external hard drive. A megastar of yummy mental vegetable knowledge.

Outside of family and friends, Niles spends much of his spare time on his intrinsic occult practices, creations, and studies. Both for personal growth and future project research.


In an effort to live lite, he has few physical books but an incredible library of digital files which can be much more easily transported and stored. Collecting a comprehensive amount of non-fiction digital books on the occult, the esoteric, philosophy, religion, mythology, folklore and more through the years, and they are now available to be shared with you. A lifetime worth of study.

There are numerous thousands of e-books and spoken word audio files. Niles always aims to honor modern author's ability to have income streams off the royalties of their work. A dynamic which is the same as much of his personal income, so these files are royalty free as the majority of the authors who's works are included have long passed. The current collection comes in at nearly 2 terabytes of data so it does need to be shipped conventionally and an external USB hard drive with all of the data copied onto it is included in the price. Think a large selection of archive.org combined with Mark Passio's Amazing Repository of Knowledge combined with The Internet Sacred Text Archive collection and more.


To acquire the hard drive PayPal $200 US dollars if you are located domestically within the United States of America or $250 US dollars if you are international and then contact Niles via e-mail with your shipping address telling him you have done so. The additional amount for international is solely for additional shipping charges. This is not done for a profit motive. It's done for sharing valuable and not always easy to find information with others who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The funds requested go to the payment of the hard drive, the shipping, as well as a small donation for Niles time which includes traveling to and interacting with a shipping facility on your behalf. The amounts above are the minimum asking price, but you are welcome to send a higher amount which, if done, is certainly appreciated. As it's really difficult to assign a dollar value to this material. 

The drive will be formatted ExFat to be readable on both Mac and PC. Most of the books are PDF files and the audio are MP3 files. Allow likely 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you would like more information as to specifically what's included, feel free to inquire with Niles via e-mail beforehand.