Discover the beauty and danger of a hidden spiritual path, and meet those who have transformed themselves by walking it. 

A roving philosopher guides us through the striking forests, coastlines, deserts, and cities of the world, inviting us to embrace the intense mystery of our own existence. Meet the men and women who are living testament to the power of transmutation, each sharing their extraordinary stories of empowerment, authenticity, and love. This feature documentary explores the rarely-seen intimacies of a deeply individualistic mystical experience of reality. 

After 4+ years in the making, Transmutation is Niles feature directorial dive. It will be released at the official site. Stay tuned.



Is direct personal encounter with divinity a real thing? What secrets are buried in nature’s deep places? Why has mainstream culture sought to eradicate the awakened human? Is normality really our friend? The answers may surprise you.