Niles is a member of a team of scientists, researchers, and media makers who have come together with a common vision: to scientifically map the ‘Terra Incognita’, and to explore non-dual consciousness and bring that state into the psychological paradigm.

Terra Incognita is dedicated to understanding the nexus between consciousness and spirituality using cutting-edge EEG technology to map and entrain brain states and existing software and data management systems to make sense of the data they collect.

They draw upon both western and indigenous paradigms to document the cartography and anthropology of the interior visionary mental landscape. They seek to integrate understanding of these dimensions through a neurological, anthropological and psychological lens. The ultimate objective is to unify the objective and the subjective – the scientific mapping of brainwave activity on the outside with documentation of the subjective reality on the inside for a full spectrum consciousness map of what is happening in varying states of experience. We can see the contours of this invisible landscape, indeed, we have traveled there many times. This realm exists, and is part of the larger energetic ecology we are embedded in. By re-connecting to this world within and expanding our current paradigm, we can change the world outside of ourselves as well. View more about the vision, and teams capability to make this manifest at the official site.