We occasionally hear claims about communist spies with no mention of fascist spies.


exting was invented so communication could be conducted in the worst possible environments to have a conversation in.


One can, on occasion, find themselves in sci-fi-esque surroundings. Would this perhaps be a good time to contemplate on if the future will be an archaic revival of Luddites living off the land in sustainability with Gaia or robots sealed inside hyper tech-overloaded, antiseptic, space station like, compartmentalized spaces with no access to blue sky?


Planned obsolescence is a purposefully implemented strategy that ensures the current version of a given product will become out-of-date or useless within a known time period. This guarantees that zombie consumers and iDiots will demand replacements in the future, thus naturally supporting demand and lining corporate pockets while leveraging our children's future on margin and raping the Earth for profit. In some instances, this can even motivate multiple sales of the same object to the same consumerist zombie. Obsolescence can be achieved through the introduction of a superior replacement or a product design meant to cease proper function within a specific window, or by cultivating desirability of new versions over older ones.

Hence, the saying "they don't make them like they use to". As there ain't none of it in this bad ass machine.


These men find that getting peace of mind isn’t complicated. You merely feed your mind with thoughts that cause it to be peaceful. To have a mind full of peace merely fill it full of peace. It’s as simple as that. There are other practical ways by which you can develop serenity and quiet attitudes. One way is through conversation.


Chill out mentally and chill out physically... by eating ice cream.


When in public protest, whether it be populist centralized monetary system corruption or Klansmen with tiki torches; always remember, whatever you say to someone else, you are really saying to yourself. 


Not all loose women are pickpockets, but some pickpockets are loose women.

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Do whatever fills your cup. As any simple task can be turned into an artform. 

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An inordinate love of material lust for trinkets and bling can have its own eroding and weakening effects. Yet, it's nice to look good when getting where you're going. Let's all find the balance.

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Capitalism is simply a less extreme version of Communism or Fascism. It works great for a select few but leaves many more in subservience and struggle. #NewHumanOperatingSystemNeeded.

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Great art lives on way past the artist's lifetime. But was the great artist in scarcity during their whole lifetime?

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It is very good to put oneself in another's place for self-observation... Why blow a flag one way vs simply turning it in the wind? Either this is a science test of man's failure to conquer nature instead of being in balance with it, or else it's the set of a Brawny towel commercial.

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"Until my next tea break, I stand here pondering my role to protect the population rather than being a day glow vest storm trooper for the CCTV surveillance state."

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Asian mega cities have neon nights down quite well - Ghost in the Shell style. However, they drowned out the feminine moon cool night light because of all the excess light pollution.

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Main stream news media is dead.

Most of the planet now has cell phones. Even rural goat herders in Afghanistan.  With all these computers in our pants everyone's mom now has a B-level quality camera on them at all times which can beam back data via the internet tubes. Thus, nearly everyone can expose and destroy through documenting and sharing un-honorable behavior. A future of news media.

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Is it possible to start your rainy morning off in Seattle without a cup of joe? Sometimes difficult, but yes!

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Pride in your city represented in ink embedded in your skin.

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Jesus - Not a real man who once lived but the SUN of God (The sun in the sky) which dies for three days during the winter equinox and is then born again as it rises over the ecliptic. You know, since all religion is based on astrotheology and shamanism.

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This chain-smoking, quasi-homeless philosopher appreciates the benefits of analog tech. For if you wish for something to manifest, write it down!