Let’s go down into polarizing politics for a moment…

Liberal comes from the Latin word “Libor” which means free. In the United States, right wing “conservatives” have been programmed to blanketly dislike liberalism (which means freedom) because their corporate overlords have told them so. However, a arguable downside of modern day liberals is they dream we live in a enlightened society when in our current point in the timeline, we absolutely do not. Liberals are generally nice people and very passive and chill, so when policies come along that seperate instead of unite, “the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Hence liberals often times lose elections. 

Exhibit on display, BREXIT. Otherwise known as the more conservative minded Britons saying they don’t want to be part of Europe anymore because of the European Union’s lax policies on immigration. Since Europe is being flooded by migrant labor which brings the good elements of foreign cultures, but the bad elements as well. Childish religions come to mind.

While a liberal progressive march on a Saturday in London has little to no effect long term, it does build a since of camaraderie to show others feel the same way you do. Since all politics is theatre anyway, better to divest in what doesn’t serve the individual over a long sustained effort, regardless of your political leanings.

And yes, that one fine gentleman does want to be balls deep inside EU.