Why street you ask? Because it's documentary photography - being the candid photographing of unfamiliar subjects usually in urban environments. All walks of society, regardless of economic class, share the public spaces and one documents the human condition via capturing those chance encounters. Your internal reality will reflect elements of yourself back to you in your external environment, so documenting those “random” incidents can be of great reward since there are no coincidences.

Shooting street is Niles' main form of still work. Using the experiences of looking through a rangefinder camera as a way to look back at himself. It’s a life therapy technique he does, sometimes with others but mostly alone, to capture the light of anyone he finds interesting or compelling. Here's a blurb regarding:

Niles occasionally mentors with others which is intrinsic. Extrinsically, he's been working on bringing an intimate street photography workshop / group photo walk into manifestation. Since even the most introverted amongst us enjoy spending time with others who have similar interests.

He guarantees tons of proactivity, humor, compassion, and personality in the host! As well as exotic locations visited, beautiful photos made, philosophical discussions had, memorable fellowship gained, and all around life-changing excellence achieved. 




Dogs and cats, much like humans, come in all different personalities and cuteness levels.


The bigger you get the bigger your stomach gets.


“Scopophobia” is the fear of being looked at, seen or stared at. The origin of the word Scopo is Greek (meaning see, view, sight, look at or examine) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear).

For we all do have the ability to since when someone is looking at us. Even when we are not looking at them.


Tea is a secret to a healthy life.


Most elect who’s popular over who is more correct. Because he who lies the most, oftentimes wins the most.


Original or mimicked vintage etched windows is a gorgeous art form.


You scream, I scream…

Sugar is a dangerous drug and the main cause of obesity, diabetes, and cancer in the “industrialized” first world. So we ordered whip cream on top of course.


One can both have pride in their nation, appreciating and giving credit to what it does well, while at the same time be critical of its flaws. As the most patriotic never tow any party line.


The stair-off with this GULL went fairly well. So much to the point that I lost in an effort to successfully snap this pic. So he won the staring contest, but I won his respect. Animal kingship status = strong.


The electric skateboard, while loathed by conventional “skaters”, does have its advantages for those who never learned to kick off the ground properly.


Not all police officers in Los Angeles are real cops. They are actors. Just like how not all politicians in Washington D.C. are real either, they are also actors.


Rangfinder porn.


The Starbucks logo contains a Siren. In Greek mythology, the sirens were hybrid women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices into dangerous waters and to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This oftentimes resulted in their demise, thus the symbol sometimes has an affiliation with death. They are half bird and half extremely attractive woman, considered to be dangerous and thus more modern references have association with obsession and addiction.

Coffee anyone?


As the wonderful NYC street photographer Bill Cunningham used to say, “The best fashion show is always on the street. Always has been, always will be.”


Thank you Ronald Wilson Reagan (6 letters, 6 letters, 6 letters) for 40+ years of golden shower trickle down. Jeff Bezos can tell us more…


TEENAGERS! Tired of being hassled by your stupid parents? Act now! Move out, get a job, pay your own bills… While you still know EVERYTHING!

Can you spot the fallacies in this humor?


China has tricked a billion + people into being slaves. Exhibit A - These folks spending all day every day creating dumpling after dumpling after dumpling.


As I sit here drinking my coffee infused Scotch, I contemplate the FDA’s strong-arm tactics used to intimidate and terrorize Americans into remaining weak and submissive so they tow their police state line on healthcare, which is really sick care, and medicine, which is really corporate for-profit medicine.


A 50mm Summilux (Leica's pretentious naming convention for an f1.4 lens) will set you back at least $4000. However, if has no planned obsolescence and if you take great care of it, it can render stunningly beautiful shots for the rest of a human’s lifetime...