The majority of Niles' work is life documentation. Due to his experiences through his travels having been very life changing, he also finds himself occasionally doing life mentoring or consultation.

Being an autodidact has led him to dive into areas of ancient mysteries, shamanism, esotericism, consciousness, and occultism. Although he's always a student, applying this knowledge to both his work and life has been astronomically helpful for his internal self and understanding of the world while fostering a willingness to share the more in-depth knowledge with other kindred spirits who have ears to hear. This requires being a good listener and having honest interactions with others. Hence, Niles privately works directly with others on their growth, creativity, and self-actualization on a case-by-case basis.

We live in amazing and challenging times. Resulting in feelings of disempowerment via confusion, loneliness, sadness, and disconnection. Yet challenges and obstacles are opportunities for growth and creativity, often forcing us to awaken to our personal and individual powers. Niles' most passionate personal work focuses around real life human stories at some level of opening up to this power. 

If any of his material resinates with you, feel free to contact him anytime. He can provide guidance, insight, support, resources, along with a network of others who may be able to help steer your path. He's a busy guy but can offer this service sporadically free of charge.  



Much of this is simply remote or in-person conversation between sporadic gaps in time. However, as it continues, two things Niles requires from another is regular READING and MEDITATION. Both of which are WORK. If you do not already do those practices or are not willing to eventually do them, this is definitely not for you.


Niles is not a life-coach (who’s personal life is a mess so they tell others how to live there's), a psychiatrist (who just wants to medicate you and get you back to work), a therapist (who's kooky and likely needs therapy themselves), a guru (who's all about the dollars to sell fake enlightenment) nor a medical professional. He's just a guy who's happy to help those who are serious about their personal expansion and transformation which, in doing so, helps him as well. Since there is ultimately no help but self-help.

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Kind Words

“Niles has actually uplifted me and given me some guidance and much needed perspective at a very trying time in my life…..and especially the lives of some of my loved ones.”

"It’s very lonely out here in this sea of curiosity and need of knowing when one’s perspective is so drastically different than everyone else’s. I’ve questioned my value system a thousand times over, doubting myself for just never quite able to squeeze into the mold. It’s so refreshing to speak to Niles and what he’s introduced me to over the past few days as I previously had cried from relief listening to a podcast he was speaking on. In this vein, I very strongly support others coming to chat with him, in the hopes that they too will find what he has to offer just as healing as I have."

“He always brings me fresh perspectives and I come away from our conversations feeling recharged.”

"Niles is a truly kindred spirit. A man whose eyes are open, and his heart ready to give. I've spoken with him several times now, and I'm always touched by his words and his wisdom. Niles is a man who gives freely, and that, my friends, is a rarity. Through his efforts, we are taking that rarity, and making it a widespread reality. Just be nice to each other, folks. Thank you."

“I check in with Niles multiple times a year. We usually end up in great conversation that’s on my wavelength. After each session, I feel better than the last.”

“I love talking with Niles. It’s always enlightening and informative.”

“I was stuck at a serious crossroads in life and Niles really helped me with that process. This required a series of steps which allowed me to see things from a bigger picture.”

“He’s really helped me along my path put things into a new lens to see them from a new light. I would highly recommend others who are interested in subjects of knowledge, the esoteric, and alternate points of view take the time to engage him as well.”

“He creates great material and his works led me to his character. He’s also not trying to be any sort of guru but is totally allows me to empower myself through his passions. ”

“Anything Niles sends me with suggestions to pursue, I listen. And I don’t say that about most people.”