What Do We Do About All This?

It’s no surprise that most people's lives today are difficult. And it’s absolutely true that a nefarious few or what you might call a tinny winnie tiny percentage of the population engage in dark sorcery for their own benefit to hurt the rest of all life in the realm of Earth. They have an ancient secret club sitting around large tables in old and tall buildings and you’re not in it. These dark occult groups operate behind closed doors of initiatory orders and have been imperialistic dickheads creating past overt slavery which still continues today as various forms of covert slavery.

They carefully craft a tapestry of propaganda being transported in private jets and yachts while many struggle to pay monthly apartment rent. They have turned everything into an upside down funnel to keep the funds flowing upward to their shadowy cabal and keep the masses in ignorant docile servitude. Our past has been forgotten so we don’t know where we are going in the future. With what we are told about history really only being someone else's false HIS STORY.

These criminals in power cause the world to look backwards and upside down by keeping us decoupled from our natural selves and natural ways of being in natural environments and instead slave to urbanization and corporatization. As a result of their colonial expansion, they’ve suppressed cleaner and freer energy for the Earth and holistic natural cures for us, the banking system is purely parasitic, and their sick care industries of insurance companies and pharmaceutical petrochemical monopolies rake in endless profits. Telecommunications companies slow cook our mental and astral bodies with their webs of what seem like escape-less intrusive infrastructure and the fossil fuel industries business model is to tub girl the garden realm of Earth via massive amounts of environmental degradation. This overloaded materialism results in a limiting pen of conventionality and the status quo as materialist science also only advances one funeral at a time.

Tyrannical think tanks take your mind to stupid town and where ever else disempowering they want you to be. The joker spirals of the main-stream unreality signal, have turned news networks, creepy big data and ghost in the machine artificial intelligence systems, malevolent marketing and advertising industries, and school not really education systems to be weaponized against the people through their behavioral think tanks, paid shills and trolls, and have completely co-opted the patent and regulatory agencies which are supposed to be watch dogs over them and are instead turned into revolving doors meant to only protect their nefarious tomfoolery.  

Yes, the parasitic puppet masters of the power pyramid have their oily tentacles in a lot of poo pies, fed to us with aluminium, mercury, fluoride, depleted soils, glyphosate, genetically modified fake foods, gasoline, added refined sugars, non biodegradable plastics and a deluge of other toxic chemicals shat down all over us which are all about nefarious short term dead corpse corporate profits instead of our health and wellbeing. This comes as we are told the trust the experts who often will only really tell you that down is up and up is down.

Sustainable colorful indigenous animistic esoteric cultures and traditions have been steamrolled into dull grey mundane monotheistic monoculture passed off as what the culture claims is “spiritual” yet all placate to the old testimate which has been rewritten many times over by those who were the winners on the battlefield by engaging in the most staunch brutality. Their resulting dogmatic patriarchal theocratic leanings have large audiences of a Borg collective of mega churches which sell you hollow exoteric half truths and constantly challenge the separation of church and state while always politically fighting for a lowest common denominator Handmaid's Tale style bring back of the Orwellian dark ages. As all wars are bankers wars, they grow in influence as their shady shadow co-opted big government behind the militarism and jingoism drinks Vatican and Israel Kool Aid cheering on unconstitutional middle east occupations, all catalyzed by clear false flags. Economic hitmen from the triple drown trinity rob less powerful countries of their natural resources and get them in spider webs of debt, endless occupations of other countries in the name of freedom really just make us less free and cost significant loss of blood and treasure and mass degradation of mental health. All while telling you don’t look over here at these natural nature based allies your ancestors used for millions of years. The criminalization of which and decoupling from have caused us to be ignorant of not only our history but our own mystery.   

Their psychological operations and Hegelian dialectic work time and time again to create outrage polarization and a constant multilevel matrix of distraction, apathy, and infighting by the ignorant docile masses. You are told you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave which is really a politically expedient euphemism for “you are free to engage in commerce” and “you are free to do as we tell you”. As the empirical pattern recurrently plays out over decades and even centuries, it always persists in the quest to suppress all aspects of expansion through expanded militarization not just abroad but at home with police forces starting to look like black super-soldier stormtroopers out of a hellish zombie apocalypse sub genre graphic novel or video game.

Today we use this Higherside chats style introduction to ask the ultimate question, what do we do about all this? Well folks knowledge is power and these “They Live” skull faced aliens under rubber masks are not a really powerful 100,000 pound King Kong ape but instead a fake blow up car lot gorilla that’s only empowered because we keep blowing our own steaming hot air inside it. We must self consult our cosmic script and unplug from our matrix pods to re-saturate, and re-enchant our oftentimes mundane and repetitive modern lives. Disconnecting from the system and declaring a declaration of sovereignty over one's own consciousness. Allowing us to recouple to natural energetic process and cycles and re-discovering nature as a teacher. Thus causing a dissolution of empire and the re-llumination of the astral plane through de-occultment of the darkness and torch bearing of the light. Resulting in a restoring of our own magic and enchantment of this beautiful reality and rediscovering who we are, where we’ve been and what we’re doing. 

So, what are some specifics we can do to counter these nefarious goings on? Well, the following is an initial answer to that question which can help these culture creator grossly unbalanced man and she beast illusory Archonic overlords melt away as we remove that air. For we are the creators and they can only be manipulators.

In the following essay we present to you four things to not do and four things you can do. They are basic but broad overarching things that if are conscious of, allow for a re-connection to the spirit which our ancient ancestors ones knew as well as water. Here’s the quiet cliff notes and the key sentence in this blanter - The actions you take are to not follow, consume, believe or watch. While the things you can do are to feel, empower, experience, and create.

As we dive in we must re-mentioned the often time mentioned Sturgeon's Law. As penned by writer Theodore Sturgeon. Which is the adage that “ninety percent of everything is crap”. Meaning everything applying to all subjects. So as we mention these things not to do, there will always be a 10% ratio of doing them which can be okay. So please do bear that in mind.


Following is a tasteless and disempowering act. Better to be your own leader and not someone else's follower. If you’re just following others, your not forging your own originality. You are rubber stamping other’s ideas and notions. There is a difference between liking someone’s material and using the best aspects of it to create your own cosmology, vs just acting in ways based around others actions. Toddlers, for the most part, are very impressionable. They will oftentimes mimic the behavior of their guardian. In elementary school, the biggest worry for a kid is to be singled out and have their ass kicked because they didn’t follow the trendy routines of what the other kids did or thought was cool. Very immature. If we mature, we find all our own power in going our own way and forging our own direction. And in the long run it makes you less replaceable. For you are disempowered when you follow, regardless of age. This is most grossly seen in celebrity worship. Which seems to most appeal to tweens and teens before adulthood or grown up tweens in adult meat suits. Magazines and social feeds show idealized versions of the rich and famous, making the sleepers feel unless they strive for the same success and ladder climbing within materiality, they are somehow failures or somehow less whole or less successful. All totally untrue. Sure, you can enjoy specific individuals or groups work if they are seeking and exemplifying their creative bliss but you use that as a moderate intake of what they do well and don't mimic their shortcomings. This is also seen in the concepts of big religion preachers or new age guru’s who's “spiritual” students, none of whom are willing to do real spiritual work on their own lives, outsource that hard work, the real work, the great work, to others. So they don’t have to do it themselves. Because it’s much easier. 

Our minds are not our own when we follow other talking points. Such as lib-tards are trying to destroy America with their socialism because I heard that on Fox so called News or Breitbart forum. Or Orange man bad, orange man racist because MSNBC and the Huffington Post said so.  

The most gross examples of extreme following are high crime acts which are committed in war zones by order followers. As “I was just following orders to do this dastardly act” was never a real excuse when they deep down knew it was wrong. I blew up these people from the sky behind a video game style screen because my superior from the CIA told me to do it. Or I drank this grape-flavored Flavor Aid because my cult leader told me to do it. 

We follow previous generations bad habits because that’s the way they were done in the past. Not giving credence to an understanding of it being completely unjust or immoral or unconscious. We falsely look up to high profile people who have large followings because of fallacies of the majority, when in reality many people who are popular only got that way because of their connections are their ability to turn themselves into a brand with a marketing team behind them. All of which is illusory since commercialism is antithetical to true wisdom.


Our big food industries transport goods hundreds of miles while the plastic it’s all packaged or shipped in fills up island gyres in our oceans. Buying good from big industries degrades the awakened human, which is fully capable of being an infinite fractal of consciousness, by calling us “consumers” which is really a metaphor for “mindless zombies”. The most gross examples can be seen in Black Friday videos of the horde of walking dead consumers going shopping year after year to stampede into the Red China mart to buy the marked down boob tube television set for a few hundred bucks off. Advertising and marketing industries sell us crap we don't need. Mega corporate power and corporatized governments only keep the gears turning if we continue using our slave wages to buy excessive consumer goods, often times on borrowed credit, which don't bring happiness, but instead only temporarily fill up our domiciles and storage lockers only to one day realize how much time and effort it takes to try and get rid of it all in order to be a more developed and educated human. 

So basically the system of over excesses only operates because we give it our energy by swiping those high interest credit cards. Money is not going away, decentralized or not, so voting with our dollars more consciously is key. Much less fossil fuels are burned when we buy from small businesses more sustainably within our own communities. Better to give the 10% that’s worth of our consumption to online small business. The local hardware store, the folks in your town that make their own homemade jelly or honey, the local artist, or the farmers market, or even from the cottage industry style product seller online creating their own handcrafted or much more original creative outputs. 

Instead of from the Amazon.com style Deathstars owned by Godzillionas who are not happy people. So think global and act local.


People’s staunch beliefs are one of the greatest problems with the human species. Believing is a fake spiritual version of following. There is really no reason to believe in anything. Our believes fog our judgment and keep us locked in ultra conservative and unchangeable ways of thinking and thus acting. Oftentimes fueling ignorances. Our minds our powerful engines of future manifestation, and if we outsource our esoteric inner powers of experience to simply what we believe off someone elses menu of dos and don'ts then we have a very small perspective on our lives and the world in general. We disavow the real underlying reasons why both good and bad things happen in our lives, which is do to our own actions and free will, and passively hand it off claiming that things happen because a higher power wanted it that way. Which is another form of disempowerment and contraction. 

Believes thrive with lack of experience. If indoctrinated into beliefs, we see things for the rest of our lives in only black and white. Regardless of right wing religiously mindedness or left wing scientifically mindedness, extremely polarized beliefs lead to the same limiting behaviors regardless of ideology. The counter opposite of something horrible is also equally as horrible. For the more set in stone, “this is the way it is and can not be changed,'' dogmatically minded we are in our beliefs the more nutty we become. Sometimes even willing to kill others because we believe we are chosen by some higher power to fulfill that higher powers will or intentions. Trust your own will and morals and not a higher wills.


Most people just spend their spare time being entertained. The vast majority of what they watch is either distractions at best, or psychological operations, mind control, or flat out propaganda at worst. Politics becomes about the contraction of languages, while most fiction on a screen destroys our ability to concentrate. Undeveloped human beings are very impressionable. What they see on TV, because the nice man in the suit or celebrity said so, they think is actually a real reflection on how things are or how the world really works. When in actuality, it’s just there to keep you on a latent path of time wasting and stagnation or a contractive path of feeling like humanity and the world is doomed because that news network shared a selection of the most crap things going on right now because if it bleeds it leads.

Although pros can be packed with miss information as well, it’s generally better to read a good old book by a personal author because those who are well read are usually an inoculation against ignorance, for those with large libraries will always have more interesting lives and minds than those with large television sets. 

A highly discerning use of the screen, al la carte as a window into the arts can be empowering of course. By always seeking out media that is expansive in whatever small way possible. This usually but not always stems from watching the small and not the big. The small online publication whos actually doing real journalism, the independent film, the local Shakespearian performance theatre, videos on simple living, self-sufficiency, small or tiny homes, backyard gardens, alternative transport, DIY, craftsmanship, a great interview, beautiful concert, etc...

To give credit where credit is do, as someone who likes ethnobotanist, psychonaut, lecturer, author Terence McKenna’s material but is not a fervent follower of his, I will say I got these four “what not to do concepts” from one of his lectures. As to not leave us in what could be construed in just a virgo style reactionary, negative, rant here come some things that we can always do to empower ourselves and focus more of our time currency on with a glass more than half full attitude.


Ask yourself, after you’ve watched two hours of live broadcast television or played five hours of that video game, how do you feel? Do you feel enriched or bettered? Or do you feel drained? When you spend time on reactionary forums with extremely polarized and energy sucking people, do you feel recharged? Or do you feel like you’re venting a status quo? When you watch that crappy disaster movie where Los Angeles is being blown up by an alien army, do you feel better about the future? If someone has a fake way about their dress or speech or lifestyle and you pick up on that, what does that tell you about them or the potential long term future of being their friend or business partner? When you walk in nature, how do you feel? When you hear your child's laughter how does that feel? When you’re sitting in post apocalyptic traffic day after day, how does that feel? When you fancy someone and find out for the first time they fancy you too how does that feel? 

It is important to follow you heart in life, and not just your head. Of course we need to use both, but if something feels slightly off of write, it usually is. If you see early signs of something being not good, they will only amplify later if not fixed or moved away from. If you’ve also heard very deviating mixed reviews of something that is generally not a good sign. An inner voice or an older, wiser, and higher version of yourself is always present. Think of it as your own inner homunculus who’s not so much piloting you from your head but from your heart. This could also be thought of as your subconscious or holy guardian angel. Listen to it. 

If you are not happy in your life as a whole, or perhaps just aspects of it, you are misaligned. Depression is a call for course correction  for example. Folks usually start to feel these things via larger cultural and societal mis-alignments before seeing deeper misalignments within themselves. 

Sure, we must always do things here and there that feel off or not good, but our ultimate goal is to live a lifestyle in which day after day, the majority of your time is spent doing things that feel right and good. And that’s the overall problem with our modern commercial world of commerce, it makes the vast majority of people do things they don’t want to be doing for decades of their lives. Solely to be subservient to the dollar. 

We feel like we want to try new things or take new leaps but our analytical left brain makes us scared to actually do them. What if this? What if that? In that regard the heart can be more of a powerful barometer than the mind. Follow it. Treat others will the heartfelt compassion you would like to be treated with. Especially through your hardships and setbacks and theirs as well. 

Unless your a psychopath, feeling like doing something is right means it usually is the right thing to do, so don't give a shit what others think of you, but do what feels right for you. Especially if those others are not conscious about your spiritual growth. Don’t be so normal, be a bit more weird. And always ask yourself through life, what is life for. Am I maximizing my time and effort here? Do the majority of my days feel good? Am I pursuing my true work? You may find it why you were meant to be here.


So much of your empowerment in life is self-empowerment. This comes by changing frame of mind and having higher perspective. And manifests by how we choose to structure our lives. By doing things such as not being in a relationship with someone who is not helping your growth, not being in a job you hate, lowering your standard of living but not necessarily quality of life, having more financial independence however you choose to do that, thinking positively, not having 2.4 kids just because everyone else is, living more off the land such as growing our own food or finding our own water, following natural cycles and rhythms, knowing our astrology, being an autodidact, knowing our family lineage, engaging in local organization, decentralizing your life, thinking for yourself and questioning authority, eating healthy natural foods our ancestors ate, and having sovereignty over our bodies and consciousness. All are efforts and will engagement which not only lead by example, but make you much more powerful and more self reliant.


To flip to the opposite side of the coin from beliefs, we have experiences. Do things with your life. Have experiences. Travel the world and see how most of it is really cool full of excellent people who have just forgotten who they are for a little while on the deep timeline of humanity. Pilgrimage to a sacred places, see remnants of ancient cultures, meditate, have safe sex, spend extensive time in nature, try out some magical rituals, fall in love, have shamanic experiences. If you do, you may find yourself having a slight glimpse of a mystical experience which gives hints or micro downloads of gnosis or logos. It will be about you and for you, not from an egotistical perspective, but for how you fit into the greater ecology of things. You must experience to have expanded awareness. For you cannot be told what the Matrix is, you must experience it for yourself.


Creativity is the final frontier. Create more, consume less. Create things that are truly an expression of you. Your works should extrinsically represent your intrinsic spiritual self. Follow those passions, and they will lead to snippets of day by day bliss. In doing so, you will find your true will.