Forward Movement

While some women and men are evolving in state of mind or what we might call state of consciousness, the majority are not. They are in fact, de-evolving. This is a natural process and is how things are meant to be. For what is true lasts, and what is un-true, does not.

The ones evolving forward, focus more on things that matter. While the one's engaging in de-evolution major in minor things. Caught in the thick swamps of thin things. Weather you’re in the third world and sell cheap trinkets on the side of the road or work in a sulphur mine, or in the first world, sitting in an office all day while having season tickets to a sporting arena by night, most people engage in low frequency behavior the vast majority of the time. They are wasting time being unbalanced and to move forward we must be time balanced. This can be a bit of a tough swallow, but to progress, one must spend minimal amount of time around those folks. For human beings are very influential on one another's actions. Perhaps a weekend is spent creating something rather than popping a beer and fusing into the couch to consume bread and circuses from home.

You can't have a healthy body temple if you fill it with z-grade fecal filled White Castle Cheese Burgers. Although the various types and breeds of vegetables have been downgraded in the last few hundred years as the majority of the species de-evolves allowing activities such as soil mineral depletion. Those moving forward must eat healthy natural foods from local communities, perhaps our farmers market, or even grown ourselves, as much as possible. This comes while our lives must be re-arranged so that they are able to spend consistent time on high quality activities. The more forward one moves, which is juggling the fewer yet completely essential practices, (financial, physical, relational, spiritual) in their life and removing the mind contractive unnecessaries, the less one can justify low frequency actions and behaviors. Which really means low quality. For one can not underestimate the unimportance of practically everything in industrial modernity.

Before one begins their mental evolution, they can reasonably spend time with just about anyone and eat anything placed in front of them. Thus justifying activities and behaviors which are quite frankly mediocre. As one’s ideals and vision for themselves expands, they realize they must adjust aspects of life such as wasting money, because money equals time, and their time is valuable, on low grade entertainment. They must save more money, thus saving more time, and invest more in their education, thus investing more in themselves and their future capabilities.

The more one forwardly progresses, the more one may be challenged by the forces of the universe and thus the more focused one must become. Engaging in consistent daily behavior of high quality excellence, which continually increases and much of which is only known by them and perhaps them alone. Those who we used to know who have gone away will not know or care why we are doing it, for we have wished them luck in their journey, yet they are far in our rearview mirror. It's not about being a tight ass, or being disrespectful to others, or thinking we are better than they are, or being perfect in our beings and doings. It's definitely not about being busy constantly, but instead the balance of true forward momentum involves regular sabbaticals. Breaking from routines of repetitiveness that eat time and don't allow us space to think or to be in retrospection in a new environment. Giving more quality time for introspection to ourselves. For if one’s daily behaviors are consistently low to medium quality, what does one expect their life’s output to be?

Relationships and choices must become as conscious as possible, since every area of our life has a correlation and effect on virtually every other area of our life. Hence the saying, “how you do anything is how you do everything”. This is doing that moves us constantly toward mindfulness in ourselves and how us as one piece on the chessboard of reality shapes things around us based upon our movements. Thus removing places and people from our lives which don't appreciate or fulfill us. So our daily actions can only be filled with those places and people and actions and creations we highly value. When our silver moon nights and golden sun days are embodied with those core essentials that mean the world to us the majority of our time is spend succeeding in that small amount of excellent areas, we dominate our life rather than having it dominate us. Holding onto those things that we highly value, with the rest being weeded out, we are thus living congruently and in harmony. With momentum, regardless of speed, because it's not a race. Yet, we are being who we truly want to be, every single day.

Easier said than done, but much like everything in these writings and speakings, is vastly worth doing. For success, which is really just forward motion for ourselves, and not ladder climbing or ego boosting, isn’t only having lots of money. For many people with lots of money have horribly unhappy and radically imbalanced lives. Success is continuously improving how you live, how you relate, how you serve, and who you are.

Professionally, saying no to great but irrelevant opportunities is something the de-evolvers will not do. While personally, giving up unfulfilling habits takes time. Expanding our vision and throwing previous belief systems in the trash bin takes courage. It’s also easy to revert back to small and mediocre thinking, so sometimes it is two steps forward and one step back with thousands of more steps yet to climb. However, as we come closer to living on a daily basis with our ideals and values that resonate with our heart strings and feel right, amazing yet subtle things begin to happen. While in between some desolate spells, these positive occurrences continue to happen into the future. Giving us objective insight into our own forward progress. We have less suffering, feel happier, more fulfilled, and present with those we love. We spend that time better by pursuing dreams and ambitions which have a knock on effect to others who they wash over. While also being more resilient during challenges due to our forward momentum and high frequency, everything around us will reflect on that. For it is all mirror work with reflections abound.

While the majority are not doing this, you have already begun doing it. You know it, and you can feel it. While some weeks and months have more of ability to see changes than others, through the years you can look back and see how far you've come.