Two Narrations About Naturalism and Destruction

After many years of yard neglect, we are getting our shit together and having work done on the house.

Physical labor is hard work man. Although it’s important work and can be very rewarding, any time I do it I’m so glad I dont have to rely on it as my income stream. Yet, having professionals help us gives the opportunity for yours truly to write short form words and combine them with hopefully what are beautiful images. Documenting tease somewhat mundane tasks yet not so every day occurrences of what it takes to re-boot a property. All while sharing some life-lessons about it.

These are the projects which can be made with the current time resources.

Trees are crucial for all life on land.

We revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves.

And can admire them even when they stand alone.

Deforestation is a major problem, removing the lungs of the Earth. Via death by a million cuts.

Yet sometimes, individual trees do need to come down.

If a tree is problematic or diseased, best to retire it early and plant more in its place.

Making way for new saplings which can outlive us all through many more days in the sun.

If a tree falls naturally, it will likely return to the Earth naturally.

The decomposing wood of a fallen tree serves as a slow-drip savings account of organic material.

Providing nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium over many years if not decades for the forest soil.

If a tree comes down before it brings itself down, there’s generally still a distinct trace of its continued physiology - The stump.

Requiring a loud and intrusive grinding machine to remove after a previous and different loud and intrusive cutting machine had caused the original damage.

A slow process, grinding away pass by pass, yet speeding up what would happen naturally in due course.

Trading time savings for a reduction of that natural long-term savings account.

A faster process yes, but ultimately one with less return.