VERITAS RADIO on Transmutation

Delightful to be a guest on Veritas Radio. An alternate media podcast encompassing the topics of UFOs, the paranormal, parapolitics, conspiracies, and more subjects. The show has had a consistent quality of excellent guests on these important topics for over 10 years. 

I've been a long time listener and now first time caller. Mel Fàbregas, Neil Kramer, and I dive into some additional aspects of Neil and I's feature documentary film Transmutation. How it came to be, it's theming, everyone involved, as well as creating something that is hopefully both beautiful and empowering.

Podcasts like Veritas are so great because they allow conscious beings a platform to unpack and unfold about their research and relevant works created to de-construct the drudgery of bourgeoisie material culture. Just as politics have gotten to the point where comedy shows are more informative and journalistic than talking head corporatized commentators, quality conspiracy shows are the same. Being a much better source for those with eyes to see and ears to hear to uncover a life path of truth. 


Not only is this heartfelt indie filmmaking at its purest, but also an example of intentionally organic zero-marketing. The filmmakers communicated only with existing audiences via email and social media, with any wider exposure coming gradually by word of mouth. Commercial suicide? The filmmakers don’t care. Niles Heckman said: “We honestly just wanted to play the long game and make something very beautiful and meaningful which can be watched 50 years from now and still be very much appreciated. And I believe we did. If it resonates with people who are curious about the deeper meanings of existence and seeking more, that’s wonderful.” The feature documentary explores the rarely-seen intimacies of deeply individualistic mystical experiences of everyday reality. 

Huge compliments from Mel on the film and it truly aligns with his shows goal which is the transmutation of human consciousness from ignorance and darkness to truth and enlightenment.