Channeled Information


Channeling is said to be the practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide. The vast majority of those who claim they are channeling, are not. This is evident by the fact that they always seem to be channeling some profound deity of importance who they egotistically claim to have an exclusive direct personal link to, rather than just a connection to another being of unknown or obscure profile. One of the tenants of problem, reaction, solution religion is those who say they are a spokesperson for some sort of higher power. This is a very slippery slope and leads to evangelical preachers who live in 14,000 square foot Georgian mansions saying “God tells me that he needs you to give me money to support the congregation” or fundamentalist Muslims who may stone a women for adultery because “Allah wills it” or a San Francisco new ager who claims “I’m feeling some Paladin energy tonight”. The main problem with channeling is that just like bankers and politicians, which are mostly actors; if someone who is also an actor has a spiritual leaning, they can get very far pretending they are really a true and accurate conduit from elsewhere. The major separation here between the vast majority of the rubbish and the small number of what is legit in this area lies that externalization of the claimed higher power.

In detail, the spiritual guide is not something outside of yourself, but a way of embracing and then connecting to your higher self. Your non-corporeal higher vibrational density self which is always able to be assessed should you do the extensive work on connecting to it. Which is an aspect of you at a higher level which can access states of awareness and information that is not usually and readily available in states of being asleep. It is an aspect of the divine which can provide gnosis which is outside of time and 3d material space. Because nothing really comes from here, it comes from elsewhere and is a projection from that higher place. So on the very rare occasion when information is channeled, its channeled from a divine source which has come through your own higher self, which is really you, because you have not only learned how to access it but also been deemed noble enough to be a receiver and communicator for that information.

As we get more developed, our discernment gets better. Meaning what we can tell is good information vs what is misleading or false information. As we build this skill, we can come to identify what is accurate higher dimensional wisdom from a source based on the information it presents. So in a sea of poorly presented channeled information, we can discern out actual REAL channeled information. Sources such as The Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean or Aleister Crowley’s the Book of the Law resonate more with us because they are sharing insights which are very advanced and empowering. So basically you know it when you hear it. 

Since creativity is a crucial aspect of living a fulfilling life, we should align our passions with things that give us energy rather than taking energy away. Woman and men who pursue what they love most became so familiar with the skills associated with their ultimate passions that they have developed such a mastery which allows them to completely let go and allow their true self to shine through. They, through the practicing of their chosen vocation, have discovered how to tap into themselves for the assistance in their creations. Whether its something is written for the page or an instrument or a screen, when you are "in the zone" creating something you feel a loss of time and a deep heart connection to the material with feelings of joy upon its completion.  Many famous people, actors, musicians, painters, etc often describe their talents as they are just letting “it” come through them, rather than creating it themselves.

In my personal attempts to always expand my creativity, I have been in these states when creating art as a filmmaker. However, I recently went a step further and attained a series of downloads after an experience. We can unpack how specifically one can channel in a later essay, but this experience this time for me came via entheogenic gnosis and was written down onto the page immediately after the experience. Just as we might have a dream journal by our bed to jot down what we get soon after it occurs before it leaves us as the ego gets re-established through waking up back to self. So, the following is a channeling I received, which like many of our personal download notes, has a range of information which may need to be de-encoded and unpacked for years to come. For areas which feel like gobbldy goop now, may make sense to us at a later point in our development. 

A transmission received on May 27, 2016, 10:26 PM:

There are two ways to play this card. One is of balance, and the other is not. So many times we are greeted by situations that don’t define us or summarize our characters and states of being. We stand alone in our thoughts wondering how and why certain things happen to us. Void of understanding and closer of the root foundations of why they come to be. There is a massive difference between knowing and being. Heart vs mind and the balance of those two key elements with our primal forces. Understanding the element of why it happens in the first place cannot connect us to the real reasons for deeper knowledge and understanding as to why we begin our journeys. How they come to be realized, and when are why they solidify.

So many human beings underplay there day to day reality tunnels of work eat sleep repeat. On a deeper metaphysical level, one must always ask where are my kinsmen and what to they bring me in terms of ideas and understandings. Tomorrow a new day is brought, and we should know more then the day before if we break from these old patterns and glide into the knowledge stream of understanding and trust. For those who walk the path are rewarded many times over from what it instinctually looks like may be the case at first glance. Base principals are always if not seen from time to time from different sources and those who stay true to themselves never delay to meet the forces of understanding and righteousness when we learn to see reality as it is and not think of it as some day to day mundane existence but instead more magical and saturated and deep and vast with endless possibilities. From time to time those who don’t seem to embody truth and perception for themselves decline to the sources of artificiality. Those that undergo this process may feel isolations, alone, temp rent, and even hostile to the forces that artificially chain them down under the water's surface but for the select few who know what is to really be discovered and gained there are infinite rewards of grace and glory in which understanding compassion and seeing allow for deeper insight into the nature of reality.

We cannot find each other through a fog of hope for what continues the status quo and an undermining of what is a natural process of change and development no matter how scary they may seem, or how far they may feel in understanding or division. Once we have taken the arrow to the soul then we can transcend almost any deeper ritual which undertakes our own guides or rather a loving embrace of our friends and fellows also on our same vibratory wavelength. Although this has its ups and downs so many have yet to know so little rise to the surface of what is not really but underestimated in subtle forms of persuasion and depth of understanding for what we are and where we are going. Today is the day to seize that power and harness greatness within you. For tomorrow brings uncertainty which should never be planned. For over the foundations of understanding what it is to be human and where that guides you on an infinite path of care and compassion not only for your fellow creatures and ecosystems but also your fellow beings at other levels of depth and focus. We are not the few who stay behind for other days. We come thought some finders that may not realize the depth of gnosis and compassion that all are capable of achieving. Only when the vibration of every living soul comes into focus can Source continue to guide not only itself but others who are alone a sacred path of understanding and truth built feel underwhelmed with the tribal uncertainties of false society and non-commitment within the body of greater truth. For we will strive to always understand who, why, where, when, and how these things come about not only because it helps those without knowing gnosis or use but then those that cannot feel into the ways things sometimes drift into closes for then we can find a true path for each individual on an individual basis today or tomorrow.

Tonight I write these words not through the vessel of a man but more through a  channel od deeper understanding of the past, the future, the present. In one way or another will we be blessed to dive deeper into the great beyond for those who feel into something always feel what is really there and rarely take time out of themselves to break the bonds of unreality.

Now one may say that tomorrow is a brighter day than today, no matter how you glee or experience its righteousness of the time. Separate the acorn from the oak tree and any discovery to comprehend is not too great for the greatness of those whose time for love, compassion, understanding, and trust are in all that they do for themselves.  For now is the time to seize the day. Love is upon everyone at all times and not only do their days run long and follow what seems like endless turns to nowhere without cause or formulation with the contrast of misunderstanding, mistrust, empire. judgment, or chalice. Then how will we find our true capabilities here nor there within space and time under the circumstances today. For tomorrow always brings that brighter day.