May the Bees Prevail

This piece came about because of a swarm of bees. They crossed my path one day out for a walk with the dogs which then connected me up with local beekeeper Bruce Brugler.

My time with Bruce extended into the directing of this narrative piece as well as a deeper interest in me personally in learning more about bees.

I knew a great resource for this would be to consult my friend Shonagh Home in researching the writing for the piece. Shonagh has been on my podcast multiple times, is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author, and poet and we have appeared on other podcasts together. I reached out to her because she has also been a beekeeper for numerous years as well and had recently completed a book on bees entitled Honeybee Wisdom.

Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks is a spiraling feminine discourse that begins with the author’s treatise on her love for nature and its invisible forces. It then looks backward to the inspiration of the bees on the ancients, particularly the Mediterranean priestesshoods. This is contrasted with a candid look at the contributing factors that are causing the steep decline in honeybees, followed with a message of hope in the form of Biodynamic farming and gardening, along with Rudolf Steiner’s insightful esoteric understanding of the inner workings of the bees. The reader is then treated to an expansive exploration of the wondrous medicines found within the beehive, and instruction is provided for creating infusions, elixirs, oxymels, and other timeworn medicinals. The ancient medicine of bee venom is also featured along with the wisdom of physicians through history who understood and respected its efficacy as a potent healer of arthritis and other ills. The book completes with advice on the creation of a bee garden as sanctuary for both the pollinators and the good souls who love them.

The book is very worth your time, as it is full of great information on bees and their history. Including the current dire threats to bees due to unconscious corprotization's communication technologies and pesticides. I was expecting to pull details out of it for my own writing to than narrate but Shonagh's poem at the beginning of the book spoke perfectly to the piece. This is it in its entirety of which the last section is narrated:


Thy majesty, our dear queen bee
Thy fate seems sealed if man can’t see The commercialization of nature’s garden Has caused the hearts of man to harden The hubris of man as he splices genes The spraying of poisons on elds of green The skies crisscrossed with chemical spray I fear that there will come a day

When the blossom of fruit tree and scented ower Lies sterile without the bee’s sweet power
To suckle the nectar with loving care
In a sensual dance that brings to bear
All manner of bounty, a radiant feast
That feeds and delights both man and beast

Thy majesty and maintainer of beauty
I pledge to thee, my solemn duty
To care for the land with a sensitive touch Guided by nature that teaches me such That celestial and telluric forces Respond to certain speci c courses
Of actions that don’t follow popular science But follow a higher cosmic alliance

Oh dear bees, I shall not rest
As long as my heart beats beneath my breast I’ll write, I’ll speak, I’ll share the magic Of remedies to prevent the tragic
Loss of you and so many creatures Whose presence in my garden features Largely as I hear the song
Of bee and bird, oh how I long

To see the hearts of mankind awaken
And return to nature what has been taken
By working with earth instead of against her We call back the beauty and cast out the gangster

Whose plunder has caused such harm and disgrace To the character of the human race

This is our time to save not just the bee But all creatures and humanity
Our moment is now, the time is here Take action all and do not fear
For the spirit of man and woman is true And the Goddess is calling me and you To summon our authority
And gather our community
To begin to act with sanity
As we recreate with dignity
A planet of people who act with grace And restore consciousness to the human race I hold this vision as what can be When people remember their sovereignty

Oh blessed pollinators, dear
Your warnings we hear loud and clear
I know that we have the power to heal And hold to ourselves a new ideal
This is my vision quest in life
May the bees prevail as we end this strife . . .

~Shonagh Home