Actually, I've re-joined Patreon. As I was a member a while back and then decided that because getting any social network style numbers is not my strong suit, I bailed and shouldn't even bother. But, one has to figure, any form of passive income, no matter how minor, is never a bad thing. Especially since the decentralized future is all about 1000 true fans each giving a micro-donation. Heck, it could be literally 1000+ people giving you $1/month.

This round two Patreon page is catered to my essays and narrations since they are more of a secondary seat to my filmmaking, with the podcast always being tertiary of course. Nearly all of the things I create are mostly 100% independent made + take a significant amount of time and effort as well as go with staggeringly little compensation over what they should be making. Especially as one forges the path into high consciousness content over just being a corporate brand shill. 

So, if you fancy the work of this independent creator, and find it beneficial, please do stop by the products store section of this site where there are multiple methods to elevate yourself and/or become a Patreon as well. I've been a past big supporter and backer of Kickstarter and as someone who ran a campaign on there and thus knows how important and meaningful it is to get an even small contribution, so we here at are already supporting fellow Patreon's who's work we admire and recognize the magical energetics of needing to give in order to receive.

Cherrio. Squeezes. Much love. Long may you shine.