A Return To Nature

New short-form narration piece "A Return To Nature".

This was shot on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai Hawaii in January with my dad.

Na Pali is a world-famous hiking spot of legendary difficulty if you choose to do the full beginning to end. We shot this over one long day on just the single day hike section. With additional footage shot more inland.

As my documentarian work unfolds, I'm really digging the 3-fold use of all my half work / half hobby footage. For narration short-form pieces, licensing, and for B-Roll for future long-term projects. It's great to combine travel for both pleasure and work. Making travels not just an enjoyable and leisurely occurrence, but also a way to get great indie gorilla filmmaking done. It has tax deduction advantages as well.  

Nature never gets tiring. The mature amongst us are drawn toward it and designed to be in it. Living where there are no right angles. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my father’s youth was the forests. Spending much of his time alone and wet in streams and rivers. Building forts and dams. Letting the imagination run free.

Time is our most valuable commodity. We consciously spend that time currency with others to accomplishment thing or for companionship. But the strong willed individual loves their valuable time alone, in calm and peaceful locations. Where in that natural world, time slows down.

Going into the forest alone in classic stories is metaphor for going into self. With just you and your passions. In introspection. Experiencing our whole being which includes our external environment. Because if we don’t realize that we don’t respect it. We commoditizing it.

“Shinrin-yoku” is Japanese for forest bathing. Immersing yourself in heavy nature is medicine. Setting the stage externally for internal transformation. Grounded, without distractions or excess, you destress and unwind.

Orderly in the silence and calmness, m y father now spends his retirement in nature. Obsessed with waterways and the weather. Seeking out Shangri-La. Coming full circle to those early days from his youth.

Doing what he was meant to do. Embracing the mystery and bringing him closer to the source of all things.