You’re Talking To Yourself

I say “hello self” at the beginning of my spoken word essays because much like standing in front of a mirror, I am standing in front of a camera, talking into a lens, which if a few others watch that's great. But mainly, this is me talking to myself.  I would still find the time to do these spoken word essays if the watchership was just me myself and I.


This doesn’t mean talking to myself in the sense of the homeless crazy vagrant with diarrhea filled pants rambling incoherently. Oftentimes such behavior can be seen in the person with no little to no inner monologue at best or schizophrenia psychosis at worst. So this is being mentioned not from a “one is sick” perspective but from a “one is helping themselves” perspective. This is a mental health issue not from a socioeconomic or scientific perspective, but from a spiritual one.

Everything you say to someone else, you are really saying to yourself. As well as everything you think about someone else, you are actually really thinking about an aspect of yourself. The universe will show you things based on your life experience and it will put you in situations, events, and circumstances to show you those things based on your own behavior.

So if you are saying or thinking or doing ill will, disdain, or hate to others, you don’t like yourself. If you are projecting gratitude, appreciation, respect, and love to others, you appreciate, respect, and love yourself. If everything said here is BS, isn’t this a beautiful exercise in being kind to one another? For treating those you know and those you have not formally met with mutual admiration and mutual respect.

There is a difference between identifying problems and constructive criticism, golly gee I certainly do a ton of criticizing of cultural and societal structural problems, but at a higher level, whatever you see wrong out there is what is wrong within yourself. Whatever cause you hold most sacred, has to do with your elevator down into the cavern of yourself and your past ripples in the pod of your back life story. This can fractal out into a much larger discussion about the structure of reality, the spatial model of the cosmos, the growth of the soul, as well as synchronicity, but ultimately this simple but easy life lesson is one of the most important life lessons to be conscious of and act on in your day to day life and the way you interact with others.


It’s really not hard to see that if your a sour old curmudgeon who hates everyone and everything, you likely sit a home alone picking your nose and don't have many friends. Or if your the life of the arty in all social situations, yet are vain, shallow, narcissistic, and superficial, you may have many perceived fake friends that are on your same wavelength, party people, but who carry similar negative character traits. What you put out you attract and the frequency you vibrate at is the same frequency you get back. So if you are excellent, humbled, enjoyable to be around, light-hearted, and a good listener, you will be drawn toward others who are the same and will be slowly but surely building a network of other sophisticated and slightly more enlightened women and men who you can contact or rely upon for connection.

These are difficult and rather deep concepts to really practically digest in modernity, but nothing I’m saying here, or in any other narration, script, or essay I write is really new but more or less re-hashed from the ancient material of cycles past which also knew these things. Which are not as many things but could more accurately be said as truths.


Hermeticism, also called Hermetism, is spiritually philosophical, occulted, and esoteric tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. That will also be unpacked many more times in future words spoken here, but one of the main principles said in three seminal Hermetic works, The Corpus Hermetic, The Kybalion, and the Emerald Tablet, all very very very very very worth your time is the phrase:

“As above, so below, as within, so without.”

The cliff notes version of this is saying that the higher and the lower, as well as the exterior and the interior, are correlated. So much so that one could say they are projections, or derivatives, or almost mirrors of one another. More talk will be had one higher and lower, and what that actually really means, but we will focus on the as within so without a section of this axiom of wisdom for the time being.

I’ve talked about "mirror mirror" here before, which is essentially saying that until you wake up, or start doing the work, or begin living truthfully, or start walking the yellow brick road of a spiritual path, or become somewhat actualized, or cease to be a robot, or become excellent, the reflection of your inner and outer world is back to front and upside down. Which is revealed in the realization that we live in a culture and society that is awash with lies. Nearly everything handed to us from corporatized normality is 180% backward.

Working with others, watching their outer life improve, one can see as it reflects the shift in their inner reality. “As within, so without.” It really does work! Everything is connected to everything else, and undertaking personal change, doing the inner work to become more conscious leads to greater happiness, fulfillment and a clearer sense of life purpose and direction.

Personal experience of the magic of the Law of Correspondence may be necessary before most people will believe it. So if you’re out of your comfort zone, arguing with someone, let’s say your partner. Just tearing into them saying venom filled spiteful things. You have work to do. Always better for the mature mind to realize that if outer life isn’t working well, look within and work on the inner reality, so as to change the outer. And you will cease to put yourself, by your own admission, into relationships, contracts, and situations that are not correlating with your inner invisible, but very real, and paramountly important, inner landscape.