Holiday Glurge

How does one choose to express their appreciation for the end of another solar cycle? 

By thinking 'Tis the season for barrels of fake sentiment and slithery Christmas music about sleighs and snow, often sung in a kind of oleaginous voice? 

Perhaps chugging gelatinous eggnog under mistletoe during yuletide celebrations wearing ugly sweaters in rooms full of people you can’t stand? 

Engaging in zombie like consumerist behavior buying generic corporatized presents at shopping malls? 

Forcing your child to sit on a chubby jaundiced strangers lap for cheesy photos while they cry their eyes out? 

Turning your home into a gaudy Griswold display where the decorations are in full materialistic overload likely requiring auxiliary power to accommodate the exorbitant electricity bill? 

Or fibbing to future generations by denigrating an Amanita Muscaria mushroom eucharist for achieving gnosis into a corporealized Coca-Cola version of a fiction named Santa Claus? 

Bah Humbug to the spattered buckets of stickily sweet glurge and may the true origins of the winter solstice be de-occulted and re-illuminated.