From Centralized to Decentralized

With humanity, there aren’t so many bad people but more bad systems. One of the worst parts of our current human operating system is how centralized many things are. So in our current cycle of coming out of a bottom barrel state of the deep timeline of humanity, we have been awash in centralized systems. Meaning systems of power which are controlled by the few in a centralized way. Gatekeepers of power rely on having structures of control to continue their opaqueness; unaccountability, corruption, inefficiency, nepotism, and stagnation. This has been going on for thousands of years and it has been no different in the last century with our corporations, banks, and governments. Otherwise known as corporatized governments controlled by the bankers. Since the dawn of the internet and world wide web, this has gotten better through net neutrality allowing anyone with access more of a voice, it’s also been beautiful at forcing sliminess from the past to go, such as gatekeeper record industry labels who use to charge $18 for you to listen to music on a compact disk, to adjust their ways, by force, as the gates have been dissolved by file sharing. Even with the internet era, there are plenty of gatekeepers, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, as well as YouTube. Another wing of the Googlepus. Youtube, A tech company, which has ultimate control of their system, as an ad revenue a creator-controlled by the few at the top of the centralized corporatized hierarchy. But centralized corporatized hierarchies create jobs you say, well sure, but that’s within the mainstream robotic culture of empire which is not fulfilling to the natural human who should be in nature, living in tune with the land, organic farming, relaxing, and creating art in small villages by day ingesting tryptamines around the stone dolmans uploading to astral dimensions to expand their consciousness by night.

Now, when you upload digital content to social platforms, they get to make the vast majority of the ad revenue. Facebook is another one, where you have to pay their shitty narrow aspect system to get more interest and eyeballs on your material. You are David and these systems are Goliath and it is backward because you create the content and then get measly compensation at best or have to pay them at worst. And it should be the other way around where you are compensated based on the value of what you create and share with others.


One of the main fractal backs to centralization of awfulness is money. Which on one level is just a measure of energy when it’s done right, but on another, it’s a spell used to reduce and control and the root of all evil. Fiat unbacked by anything paper money is the king of centralization. Since the late night Christmas eve skulduggery of Congress in 1933 the federal reserve act was passed. Creating a centralized location of nefariousness called the federal reserve. What it does is tightly lock down the control of the US dollar through inflation and deflation and essentially prints money out of thin air for bankers pleasures. With rooms of small centralized un-honorable tales from the crypt Crypt-keepers controlling it. The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel who is not federal nor does it have any reserves. It sucks 36 million dollars an hour off the current horrible system and Rockefeller was one of the original investors and JFK had the back of his skull blown out because he dare suggested it be abolished.


What money really has become is a whole other story which entire documentaries have been made off of and will be further discussed in later chats here. The cliff notes version summary is, since the Financial Services Modernization Act of the late 90’s which, abolished key parts of the Glass-Steagall Act, there has been a dissolution of the separation of commercial banking from investment banking. Now resulting in nearly all commercial and investment banking institutions being systemically corrupt up to all the highest levels with the wall street investment banks being purely parasitic with behavior leading to ongoing situations such as the financial services meltdown of 2008. Many of the ills of which were pointed out beautifully in the slogan “we are the 99%” by occupy wall street because unless we have major corrections to capitalism we are left in a system where less than 1% of the population have the vast majority of the money and some 8 families have half the wealth on the planet. So feudalism never really went away.


In a previous reality tunnel essay, I gave hint to a suggestion of humanity “moving onto better systems”. So as an example, after the 2008 crash, a little thing called cryptocurrencies were being incubated. Cryptocurrencies are beautiful because they are decentralized, meaning controlled by every node on the network and the larger that network, the less centralized it is and naughty bankers are then obsolete. They are capable of buying into massive amounts of crypto and becoming crypto whales in the network node ocean but them doing so would only add value to that new operating system of money. When you are a part of this system, you store your own digital money in analog or cold storage so you are responsible for your own actions. So anyone using cryptocurrency is essentially unbanked, which is where we all want to be so we have the power and are not giving it to others. Because over the last 1000+ years amplified by the last 100+ years, whenever things are centralized, systematic corruption runs rampant.


Now cryptocurrencies are actually not the most beautiful part of the decentralized equation. Behind these technologies are a genius operation called the blockchain. Which is a ledger, a recording system, controlled by everyone and no one specifically which allows for full transparency? And many things can be done on top of the blockchain foundation. Further applications can be used for disrupting any industry that has tight control systems in place, such as energy, entertainment, network sharing, agriculture, voting, trade, etc… Imagine a scenario where you provide content and are then paid proportionately for doing so. Or as your internet bandwidth sits idle all day, you can be paid by the bandwidth you lease out to others who need faster bandwidth at that time. Same with your solar power you generate. You sell it to others directly when not using it. Or imagine a future style decentralized voting system where you have a direct vote on a specific piece of legislation, which is then upvoted Reddit style in the community, each with one vote, directly votes on a specific proposed rule thereby we would no longer need representatives who actually don’t really represent. We would have an ocean of direct peer to peer communications and interactions and not be landlocked to massive islands of control. So even though all these technologies are just one electromagnetic pulse away from going down and we are still very much in times of extreme polarization, be very happy to be alive in such exciting times.

And that’s just the beginning of what Blockchain type structures are capable of and they have snuck up on the machine which is working really hard to keep a lid on them, but it can not. This type of system is something old paradigm corporations and governments, which really means corporatized governments, have never allowed. So corporatized governments and the status quote have first ignored it, then laughed at it and are now hugely threatened by it. Because Rome is burning.


Since everything in the mainstream reality signal of falsehood is back to front and they don’t want free thinking minds, they want obedient wage-slave consumers, you have been conditioned. Because you are supposed to be in abundance and wealth, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be but instead have been conditioned to 9/5 (more like 8/7) slave jobs to think we need to be in protestant work ethic struggle of centralization all our lives until we die. Which we do not. Not like material wealth equals happiness but it does equal time and ease and we should be freed from our unpleasant jobs to do real fun work which fuels our passions. So I highly highly recommend looking into blockchain technologies and getting involved in it and cryptocurrencies in whatever tiny or large way you can. Think of converting some of your fiat dollars into crypto coins as your protest and public service all in one. The community is really excellent as well. There are hundreds of folks freely sharing information online because sharing is caring.

Power to the people. Power to each individual. Decentralize the world.