Psychedelic Milk Podcast episodes #66 and #70

More of my philosophical ramblings can be heard on episode #66 and #70 of the Psychedelic Milk Podcast.



The podcast is hosted by my buddy Ed Liu. Ed is one of the first people who’s just let me talk in a broader sense about spirituality and the ascendent path of walking the walk on top of talking the talk. In this chat, we encapsulate a breakdown of walking the yellow brick road of life wisdom into the container of studying to becoming a Jedi. Quite standard stuff. Ed and I will have much more chats in the future together. 

Show notes:

Niles Heckman is the director of the documentary series Shamans Of The Global Village. He is also a filmmaker and street photographer with a background creating visuals for high-end commercials, games cinematics, and Hollywood. He has overseen plate photography with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and is a member of three Academy Award winning teams shared between the animated feature and visual effects categories and a VES Award recipient for outstanding achievement in virtual cinematography. He directed and shot the pilot episode for Shamans of The Global Village in 2015 and his feature directorial debut for a documentary film entitled Transmutation is due for completion in 2017.
    •    Director of Shamans Of The Global Village
    •    Filmmaker & Street Photographer
    •    Worked with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and more
Show Notes
    •    Concerns raised in PS17 about Niles' documentary Shamans Of The Global Village
    •    Living in a culture of criticism
    •    What is Spirituality and how we should define it
    •    Making advancements in spirituality
    •    Muggles of the spiritual world
    •    Processing through spiritual growth
    •    Our human value based on commercial success
    •    The lack of spirituality in mega churches of Texas
    •    Practical ways to become a jedi?
    •    Starting with the internal-self
    •    The detrimental effects of watching the news
    •    Mind, heart, and will
    •    Joining a side
    •    Our thoughts manifesting into real life
    •    The healing capabilities of the mind
    •    The vibrations of the mind
    •    A practical approach for the law of attraction
    •    Being "heart based" and what it means
    •    Taking risks to gain rewards
    •    5-MeO DMT magic and synchronicity
    •    Puffers in the spiritual world
    •    Time as a limited asset
    •    How mental mastery is simplicity
    •    Tony Robbins
    •    How to start self mastery?
    •    Finding wise elders
    •    How teachable are you?
    •    Who you listen to matters
    •    The discernment of information
    •    The training balance scale
    •    Engaging your life to make things happen
    •    The practice of non-worry to manifest things into your life
    •    The Four Levels Of Competence
    •    Drawing different conclusions from the same message
    •    The polarization of the mind and finding the balance
    •    The Kybalion, the Jedi manual
    •    The analogy of "Going into the forest" 
    •    Drinking the kykeon
    •    What are the 7 hermetic principles?
Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:
    •    The mental construct of the universe
    •    The correspondence of the internal self to the external universe
    •    The secret painting in the Sistine Chapel
    •    The vibrancy of material reality
    •    The rhythmic flow of the universe
    •    The practice of opposites
    •    The balance of masculinity and femininity within the self
    •    The precognitive abilities in the spiritual practice
    •    Doing the spiritual work and being rewarded with magical occurrences
    •    How to handle the "fake news" in spirituality
    •    How would you know what "level" you're on in the path towards being a Jedi?
    •    The powerful act of giving and receiving in a natural environment
    •    The polarity of light and dark
    •    The sun as a dimensional converter and the projection of reality
    •    Manly P. Hall
    •    The combination the spiritual work with the plant medicine to generate the best results
    •    Decoding the Jedi codes of The Corpus Hermeticum and The Way of Hermes
    •    The biggest takeaway from this episode