Aurora-Lab Website

The website of my personal production company has been updated at

Domains for websites are so crucial I cannot overly express the importance of keeping track of them and always making sure they stay in your control. Especialy if you've build previous back catalogues of other works linking to a particular site.

This was a URL that I had actually LOST a couple years ago. A life lession which was a huge learning experience suffice to say. Having registered it a horrible who's CEO shoots exotic african animals in the face, I made the grave error of having my junkmail address set to alert me when it was getting time for domain re-registration and it was allowed to expire against my wishes because I never saw the single notification e-mail. Savy folks can set it up so they auto grab your domain names if you give up ownership for them for even one moment.

Anyway, life lession learned and it was a great excuse to protest by taking my buisness elsewhere. The best way to make your voice hear is often with your dollar.