Magnum Opus

It is official. My wife and I have duplicated ourselves. A beautiful baby girl Makena Heckman has transited here on May 10th 2017, exactly on the full moon. 

Our one and only child, not only will she likely be the most photographed child on Spaceship Earth during her life, raising her will be my greatest art project. A magnum opus. 

Half of me worries about adding a new little human to the world during these times of transition and climate catastrophe, but the other half of me realizes were all non-corporal, higher dimensional, divine beings from source who just transit to this illusory place for a while to experience some polarity and grow. Either way, I'll still try and get content out under a schedule similar to one podcast or essay per month, one SGV episode per every other year, and one feature every decade. Stay tuned.