New Means Little

With any piece of hardware that you use to advance an art, it's easy to get lost in the technology loop of acquisition syndrome. Caring so much about the latest + greatest newest thing. While there's an understanding of getting more for the same price, which is what happens with the latest model, in reality very little does change when you upgrade to any piece of technology.

For example, I use two cameras for street photography. A Leica M rangefinder series and a Panasonic micro 4:3:


Each has its own advantages and it's nice to switch it up between the two day in and day out. The Leica prides itself by maintaining and old design style, while the micro 4:3 camera is essentially a more compact SLR camera. Just like the rangefinder, the micro 4:3 is over 5 years old now and still producing great images. Getting battle hardened lots of use, but still there are only so many shots it can take before it will die.  My motto of late, shoot it till it dies and only upgrade then and there. Zen minimalism all the way.