The camera bag man purse


When traveling, we carry a bag. Whether it's back and forth to the slave job daily or if you're in transit on holiday, we have some amount of "stuff" we carry with us.

As you turn into the roving samurai and have less materialistic crap, it's good to only live with what you need and travel with things you really need daily for your work. The items about are what's in my happy man purse sack by ONA

Items to collect images and store images, a few handy tools, and the bare necessities for modernity outside of your fashion. As a journalist or documentary photographer, you have to have a great camera with you at all times. Phones seem to have good cameras in them but in reality, they look good on the phone's screen but are still very so-so in quality when you load them onto a computer or try and print them out. Hence why the Leica M collection is so wonderful. World class quality in the smallest package. Ready to go, as soon as the opportunity presents itself. 

All one really needs in there living environment are the tools of survival, some clothes on your back, and these base need items to get your work done which you carry around every day. Joy.