TRANSMUTATION Site + Teaser Trailer - AURORA-LAB (2015)

Over two years ago, I pitched an idea to a British philosopher & esoterist about collaborating on a documentary together. The idea was basically to combine his depth of subject matter with my quality of asthetics.

The film is a mutual benefit for both of us since it provides him a way to make a seminal & timeless addition to his content library, which up until this point has primarily been audio only, while spreading his material out to a new range of people. For myself, it's a way to also be a key part of that while at the helm of a thought provoking, mind-expanding, first feature-length movie which can be made with the limited resources at hand. 

The film is not going to be your typical documentary with people taking into camera in starchy, fluorescently lit rooms while sitting in front of white walls but more a cinematic tone poem of people talking over footage on location which is helping tell the story of the narration. The goal with the trailer is to have it convey Neil's depth of writing and such beautiful delivery with my direction which can hold it's own in regards to the production values. It's already been a life-changing project for me and our collaboration both professionally and personally is manifesting beautifully.  

We've put together an official film site for all information related as it's released so head on over.