Esoteric Roots

Proud to have done a short but sweet introduction for my friend and collaborator Neil Kramer for his brilliant workshop 'Esoteric Roots.' It was given in late 2014 in Portland Oregon and is now available here.

Explore frank and forthright perspectives on soul, selfhood, grace, death, identity, astral control, pilgrimages, the hidden school, selflessness, education, initiations, and disciplines of the mystery.

My role there was two fold. First to enjoy the event, gain new knowledge, and meet great people, but also to shoot footage with a remarkable woman named Elfreda Pretorius for a upcoming documentary project. I give a testimonial regarding Elfreda's book "Stop Struggling and Start Living" on her site. Further information on my collaboration with both of these kindred spirits will be forthcoming. 

It was a great all around weekend of study, shooting, relationship building as well as getting some great work done in the process.