After growing up in a household of avid gardeners, directed this piece which hopes to capture the greatness and benefits of planting and harvesting your own vegetable garden. 

Many folks are starting to think about and understand the importance of decentralizing power from the very few companies who currently control the food supply. Permaculture is our future and most young people I know appreciate the endless benefits of more locally grown food which doesn't have to be shipped hundreds of miles burning tones of fossil fuels in the process. Organic famers markets are getting more and more popular each year and since the industrial food industry is such a massive strain on planetary resources, it's ideal if you can get the majority of your food locally. And there's nothing more local then the back yard of your own home.

The spot was shot over a few evenings at difference gardens accross the US, and marks my first dive into the Davinci Color Grading system. Shooting into the sun can have huge benifits for production value and like Terrence Malic, plan your shooting so you're pointed in the right direction for the time of day - East in the morning, West in the evening.

After much searching, UK based musician Modo Stare's brillant track 'Accent' totally leveled up the piece and took it to new heights.