Psychedelic Salon Podcast - Matrix Masters (2014)

The topic has been something that's facinated me for years and as life goes on it's only becoming more astonishing. This was the perfect opportunity to start talking about some of my thoughts regarding this unique and esoteric subject in a public forum. I'd love to put a group of superheroes together to tackle this so anyone who is creating psychedelic art and is interested in replicating trips using CG or has already invested time in doing so, feel free to contact me.

The Palenque Norte journey began with the legendary Entheobotany Conferences held at the Chan Kah hotel near the ancient Mayan ruins just outside of Palenque, Mexico. There, Terence McKenna, Jonathan Ott, Ann & Sasha Shulgin, and a host of other psychedelic luminaries passed along many insights, discoveries, and wild tales to the fortunate Tribe members who attended.

In 2003, a few alumni from those conferences decided to have a "Palenque reunion" at the Burning Man Festival, and so they organized a lecture series to continue the Palenque tradition annually. I would classify these talks to be a bit like the TED Talks of the counter culture. Or more correctly said, the real culture.

Rather then the regressively promoted stereotype of a bunch of stoner and dirty hippies sitting around saying woo woo nonsense, this is, for the most part, extremely honorable, often times highly educated, brilliantly awakened minds sharing very dynamic and leading edge points of view. The talks from each year get aggregated to the podcast hosted by Lorenzo Hagardy. Podcasts from the Psychedelic Salon are a production of, which is operated by Lorenzo. The aim of Matrix Masters is to provoke an unmuffled, ungagged, and unsilenced generation of world citizens into speaking up and taking the actions necessary to wrest control from the privileged few and to reclaim this planet in the name of all the humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life who share its bounty.

Having been a longtime listener, I can personally attest to this podcast being a phenomenal source for cutting edge information about the exploration and expansion of consciousness. A major part of which often times involves ones birthright and civil right to use sacred medicines. Hence the name. Before I ever took one of these medicines I became attracted to the brilliant minds and trains of thought presented by many of the people who have appeared on the podcast throughout the years. The content of which is a deep vast ocean as opposed to the baby-pool most mainstream podcasts offer. It's truly an honor to be on a podcast which one has been such a long time admirer of.