Festive conversation with friends Shonagh Home and Ed Liu over on  Psychedelic Milk. We here at can't get enough of Ed's podcast since this is our 4th appearance over there this year. Super fun Ed my man!

Discover the psychedelic origins of Christmas and see through the facade of corporate manipulation!!!

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author and poet. Shonagh holds the feminine voice for the reverent use of the sacred mushroom, authoring a book on the subject titled, 'Love and Spirit Medicine'. Shonagh was on episode #19 of my podcast as well. 

Show Notes

  • What is Christmas?

  • Mainstream narrative of Christmas

  • Paganism

  • The days of the week and its meanings

  • Remembering our past

  • The corporate takeover of Christmas

  • The Great Depression and its effects on modern day consumerism

  • Edward Bernays

  • Astrological aspects of Christmas

  • The significance of the winter solstice

  • The anthropomorphism of nature

  • Mushrooms & Mankind

  • Knowing your astrological perspective

  • Who is Santa Claus?

  • Amanita muscaria

  • Mycorrhizal symbiosis

  • Entheogen, the divine within

  • John Marco Allegro

  • The Sacred Mushroom Of The Cross

  • Shamans of Siberia

  • Does it make sense to pass psychedelic particles through urine?

  • Flying reindeer and Rudolph's red nose

  • Christmas stockings

  • When did western culture adopt the Christmas traditions of today?

  • Who are the people keeping the true story of Christmas from the public?

  • Invitation of the tree spirits of spring

  • Capitalism and its influence of mindset

  • Reclaiming your ancestral rituals

  • Etymology of words

  • Decisions between consumerism or withholding

    Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

  • Triple crown of commerce

  • Christmas consumerism dilemma

  • Recognizing seductions

  • Knowing thyself

  • Collectivism and individualism

  • Educating the self

  • Recognizing your spiritual journey

  • Why ask ourselves the hard questions to ascend if we're only here for a limited time?

  • Things you can do start ascending

  • Targets of corporations

  • Seeing through the the artificial overlay on nature

  • Steeped in WiFi, and harmful signals

  • Bypassing the corporate hack and seeing clearly

  • Begin the journey to awaken from the illusions of our surroundings

  • Education through learning from wise elders

  • Process of growth and learning