Psychedelic Milk #79

Co-Hosted a nice chat with Miguel Conner on episode #79 of the Psychedelic Milk Podcast with Ed Liu.


Miguel Conner is a garage philosopher, hedge theologian, and general madman across the waters. His life quest is to take his audience from ancient connections to modern meaning. He is the host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, author of four published books, and writer of hundreds of articles in various publications. His ventures include Voices of Gnosticism and Other Voices of Gnosticism (Bardic Press) and the post-apocalyptic vampire epic series, The Dark Instinct Trilogy (Warner Books/AB Press), as well as fantasy novel, The Executioner’s Daughter (Solstice Publishing). Miguel's articles and fiction have appeared in such publications as The Gnostic Journal, The Heretic, Mindscape, Reality Sandwich, The Cimmerian Journal and many others including being an Author of the Month for Graham Hancock’s website.

Gnosticism is a deep well of knowledge based on personal experience or perception of which films such as The Matrix, Dark City, The Truman Show, and Groundhog Day owe their themes. 

Part #2 of the conversation gets extra juicy with my philosophical ramblings. It can be listed to on the extra plus section of the podcast. Available if you support it for a nominal fee on Patreon.