entheo.org article (2015)

Nice article on my work over at Japanese entheo.org.

"Colors seen in "Aurora", it goes without saying that it is influenced by his psychedelic experiences.

Since fear is the mind killer, I'm not shy conveying my emerging style has been heavily influenced by some of my direct experiences with plant medicines. Those experiences can be so profound and visually stimulating not to mention mind-expanding if you've never experienced them yourself I can truly say you're missing out. Since it seemed like hardly anyone had talked about this, I gave a whole talk regarding this subject for the Polenque Norte lecture series in 2014 and it's nice to see the convergence of the rhetoric meeting the work. 

On a small side note, noticed how the title of "Auroras" is mis-pronounced "Aurora". For some reason human beings seem to have trouble with titles ending with the letter S. When I worked on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" other artists working on the show would call it "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons". Go figure...