UMIIMU Content (2015)

We're starting a new venture for video work with my colleague Rak Razm. We're tentatively calling it "UMIIMU" pronounced "You Am I, I Am You".

While AURORA-LAB is a film production company which typically usually entails myself, it has yet to be much of a money making venture because it's been more about art than business. Combined with that venture and the podcast I have two ventures, neither of which have made much money. This third new venture is a video production company that's designed to have a side occasional revenue stream with the goal allowing me to continue to create films. 

The original element to this company is it specializes in creating conscious media ( commercial / public service announcement / short form documentary / crowd-source pitch ) for companies and organizations that embody the new paradigm. Conscious businesses understand the triple bottom line of planet, people, and then profit, and how their goods and services can contribute to making the world a better place.

While the social activist side of me often highlights that our current capitalist system is in drastic needs of systemic upgrades, this venture is my way of putting on my business hat and playing the game a bit while also advocating moving us toward entirely better systems.