AVENGERS: Age Of Ultron - MARVEL Studios & Walt Disney Studios (2015)

Working with Ben Snow, Jon Alexander, and team at Industrial Light & Magic as a senior artist helping them finish up the second Avengers film. Due out in May 2015.

Suffice to say, MARVEL has a bit more liquidity than it did when I last worked for it in 2008 on The Incredible Hulk. At that time they had shot and we're doing post production on the first Iron Man film but it had not yet been released to the huge box-office success it eventually ended up becoming. Starting a pattern which would launch the comic based small studio into a tent-pole major Hollywood power house. 

Since that time, and the last time I worked at ILM, The Walt Disney Company has also acquired both ventures. I could talk about that for an hours on end, but in the mean time my wife is excited for the potential of free Disneyland tickets. Happy wife, happy life.