The Talent of Observation Pitch - Project Greenlight (2014)

Bio submission for the 2014 Project Greenlight competition. 

The submission is called ‘The Talent of Observation’, an allegorical pitch for a feature film about a young woman named Iris Gains. She’s an Ivy League graduate who works in finance, who's passion is photography, and who longs for a deeper meaning in her life. She sets out on a life-changing journey to explore her craft and arriving in Japan she encounters a hip young subculture of expatriate street photographers. You could think of them as ‘media ronins’ stalking authenticity on the information saturated streets of Toyko. Among the group of expats, Iris meets Lux, a James Dean-type wise beyond his years, who teaches her how to see, through the aperture of her lens and through her heart. Sci-fi author William Gibson once said that "the street finds its own use for things”, and so to in this film, the streets are a canvas for the characters to discover meaning in life. It's a cinema verte style-low budget story, drawing on my own personal experience as both an avid street photographer and a young adult seeking authenticity in a hyper-consumer culture. This film will inspire the audience to open their own creative aperture, to see what life can be, and to find their own path.

Many thanks to writer, documentary filmmaker, and friend Rak Razam for helping me put it together.

The pitch tone poem.