Designed previs (Director of Photography for camera) for this trailer for the game Tron Evolution, a companion piece to the film Tron Legacy.

The original Tron film was a milestone of computer graphics and is a cult classic for many from the first generation of hackers and computer scientists & engineers from the early 80's. The trailer's writer & director, Veron Wilbert, is in that pool as a huge fan of the original 1982 film and has a vast well of knowledge regarding all Tron lore. Vern was a key figure for getting the 2010 sequel made after supervising the initial concept test that Digital Domain's commercial department created in 2007 which convinced Disney to green light the project.

Modern game trailers have become so high quality and cinematic, they often times now function on the same playing field as today's top-of-the-line fully animated features. The future of which is obviously a hybridization of game and cinema content, top gaming companies such as Blizzard now have entire departments solely devoted to creating cinematics which generate completely separate imagery than that of the game itself - just as we did for this trailer. The result of which has raised their games production values immensely and proven to be crucial for the success of publicity and sales of each new release. As someone who's been playing computer games for 25+ years, I've been very interested in working on game cinematics for quite a while so this and Gears of War have definitely proved to be rewarding experiences. The ultimate reward for those doing previsualization is when the final cut is nearly identical in terms of staging, lensing, timing, pacing, and performance to the final previs cut, and this was a perfect example of that.