The Matrix Revolutions - Warner Brothers (2003)


Served as a 3d generalist responsible for managing all the assets GKR received from Centropolus Effects and then later Sony Pictures Imageworks for the city of Zion. This entailed rebuilding the Zion model from a bunch of different pieces and then managing it through the length of the production. I then took on the role as a compositing lead with a team of eight other compositors to develop the look of the final ‘Residential Zion’ city shots for GKR. Zion was a dual vendor effort between GKR who created the environment and Imageworks who rendered and delivered us the sentinels to integrate. For having such a short lived history, ESC Entertainment was a pretty amazing facility where the GKR team would go every other Friday to view film outs. By the time the shows had delivered our team spent nearly 17 months working on The Matrix sequels.