Co-wrote, directed, and produced this sci-fi short film with comrade Rick Glenn. 

Rick had previously directed a very witty and clever short called LA BAG BROTHERS which was very well received at numerous festivals around Los Angeles. He and I have worked closely together on numerous projects at Digital Domain's commercial department as well as each others passion projects and this is our first collaboration healming together for cinematic awesomeness. 

This project constitutes my third time co-writing a script yet the first of the three to get across the finish line. I often find co-writing can be a huge benefit over writing alone since the other person, sharing your similar insight, can do a great deal to push your ideas farther than you might have taken them alone. The script began around very lose ideas but focused on a very specific location. The final draft ended up being a 7-page dystopian story loosely inspired by and of a similar flavor to the HALF LIFE franchise.

The film has a very 'work together' theme which to me made it a story very much worth telling in our current world. Many films made in the last 30 years have had very every man for himself, individualistic themes made especially popular in the 80's (highly recommend DAVID SIROTA'S BOOK 'Back to Our Future' on this subject) so a goal for this project was to tell a story which would be the antithesis of that.

After finishing the script, we had three rounds of casting sessions in LA and ended up securing two great young actors for the lead roles, DANIEL GAMBURG & TIAGO FELIZARDO. Neither of which were new to acting and were both pros through and through. Daniel is a filmmaker first and a fantastic actor second. He had starred in Bag Brothers and actually teaches ACTING CLASSES through his production company Enlightened Pictures and runs a joint production company called MUSING PICTURES while Tiago has a background as a child actor in Portugal.

The film ended up being shot over 5 nights over multiple months on three Canon DSLR's - A 5D, 60D, and T2i. Our lighting kit consisted of very cost effects LED's bought almost entirely off which I would consider only one notch up in quality from the work lights at Home Depot, but we are now at a point with lighting technology where they do the job very well and can yield beautiful images. Our camera department consisted of MATT SMITH & VERNON WILBERT, along with Jason Cooper who ended up being our Gaffer.

Following up on the George Lucas quote, "Sound is 50% of the experience" the score, done by DAN HAIGH and ALEX WESTAWAY (GUNSHIP) and sound editing & mix done by ANDREW DUNCAN can not be under emphasized on this project. Both are phenomenal and made what was an already amazing short into something easily ten times more successful.

Mega thanks to them and the rest of our fabulous crew who we couldn't have asked for much better at each step of the way. Another tremendous thanks to GARY ROBERTS & STEVE MADONNA, without who's help the project would not have been possible.