Prevised the opening cinematic for the 4th chapter of the Playstation first-person shooter franchise, Killzone. A flagship series of games developed by Guerrilla Games in the Netherlands, the game utilizes Sony Imageworks motion capture technology developed for Polar Express and Baywolf and features the voice talents of top notch actors such as Brian Cox and Malcolm Mcdowell.

Shooting action scenes with traditional photography on location can require a great deal of coverage. Michael Bay for example likes to shoot very quickly so he can get a tone of coverage and then subsequently have much more to cut with allowing for more rapid cutting and ultimately faster pace action scenes. Having to cram in as much coverage as possible usually leads to very grueling shoots where after shooting for 16 hours at the end of the day you only have 3 seconds of material. Prevising action is often not much different. On Gear of War our previs shooting ratio was at least 3:1 (Meaning we prevised three times more than what was used in the final cut) so this cinematic, being the first non-action heavy character piece I've done was a nice relief in terms of just dealing with talking head shots. The more challenging aspects came in terms of fairly complicated times ques at the beginning of the piece which starts out subjective through our lead villains point of view; a great tie in with the first-person shooter aspect. The game is 3D, so this being a 2-minute piece meant final renders x2 meant we had around 4 minute of 100% CG to render.