Gears of War 3 Trailer "Dust to Dust" - Smuggler & Agency Two Fifteen (2011)


Following up our teaser trailer "Ashes to Ashes" for the third Gears of War game, collaborated with supervisor Vernon Wilbert and director Adam Berg on this final release trailer entitled "Dust to Dust". This marks Vern's sixth Gears spot for the franchise but the first to be done outside the game engine.

The concept was to show the whole timeline of the overarching story of all three Gears games via a time laps environment which our characters travel through in real time. The whole piece was to be lensed in a war photographer style as a single camera move a la Children of Men.

Prior to starting this job, Digital Domain's hybrid production company Mothership had recently moved into a gorgeous new headquarters in Playa Vista, California. To quote the press release, "The spacious new studio space gives directors and the company's advertising, video game, and entertainment clientele access to live action and state-of-the-art virtual production capabilities and extended art, conceptual and creative development firepower." This spot marks the first piece I've done using the new motion capture stages, which were initially built by Disney and Robert Zemeckis for Image Movers Digital and are some of the nicest high-end stages in California and possibly the world.

This was my fourth collaboration with fellow film maker and Animation Director Rick Glenn, who's work usually picks up immediately where mine leaves off after motion and camera capture. This time around we had signifigant overlap due to camera essentially becoming the editorial department since the piece is all done in one take. The same Virtual Camera technology used for a year straight on Avatar was perfect for achieving the battle cam feel. It proved a huge time saving tool allowing us to do in just a few hours what would take days if sitting at the box animating by hand.

On set silliness toward the end of our 20 hour motion capture day.