Created this 90-second launch spot for Tu Le. He's kicking off the 2013 new year with his new company, fotopodbooth which has developed a couple custom and original photo booths designed for high end parties, clubs, and events.


Most photo booths are tiny metal boxes that about four people max can fit into. The "Foto Pod" is a larger, custom inflatable tent that has the feel of a bounce house for adults. Since it's a tent, custom LED lights can be fit inside that allow for amazing lighting which serves both the imagery taken by the booth and to attract people up to it. Who doesn't want to go up to a big glowing marshmallow at a party?

The story of this spot is all about the relatively quick setup Tu does when the booth is brought to a new location. Shot over two nights on a hacked Panasonic GH2  (Driftwood Apocalypse Now settings) and hyper fast Voigtlander Leica M-mount lenses yields an image easily as good as a Red Scarlett. All from a $700 camera body. Francis Ford Coppola thinks so as well.