FANTASTIC FOUR - 20th Century Fox (2004)


GKR was the main vendor for Fantastic Four. Since they were involved in the entire six month shoot, my initial role was developing camera hardware and set equipment for GKR. Then coordinated and Co-Supervised 2nd Unit photography in New York City with 20th Century Fox. This included aerial footage from above and around Manhattan for the Johnny missile chase sequence. I also served as the Visual Effects Photographer for the majority of the film. Fox would pay hundreds of dollars per hour for us to shoot HDRI from 17 different rooftops throughout Manhattan. A later role I adapted was as a Visual Effects Coordinator in Whistler British Columbia for the Johnny snowboard sequence.

I would later supervise visual effects on set for the Johnny Testing Powers Sequence with Kurt Williams who directed the sequence, and Director of Photography Dave Stump A.S.C. in Vancouver. An exercise which, due to planning constraints, proved to be a great experience of staging and direction.

During the shoot I ended up acting as a janitor in the film for a fly by shot during the Johnny missile chase sequence. The need came about during our last day of shooting of the green screen unit. We suddenly realized we neglected to get a crucial foreground element of a janitor who reacts to Johnny's fly by as he's mopping up inside an office building. There happened to be no extras or doubles on the call sheet for that last day of shooting, so Peter Oberdorfer and I grabbed a mop and bucket from a maintenance closet on the stage and acquired a costume from the wardrobe trailer that just happened to fit the roll. Having had theater experience and taken drama classes in the past, I'm more than capable of getting on stage and not over acting or looking completely unnatural. (Which is what the vast majority of amateurs do if asked to perform and is that bane of all student films. Bad acting = bad direction folks). So I was more than happy to get in front of the camera. And they wouldn’t have gotten the element unless he had! We ended up doing 5 takes of the performance, each with increased aggression.