Excellent conversations with other excellent humans are... well... excellent.

These are places Niles can be found inside the internet tubes. Either regarding something he's created or else rambling philosophically to help others as well as himself try and figure it all out


Niles Heckman on The Hidden Podcast
Melted Snow Podcast - Creatives in Conversation: Episode 24
Simulation #438 Niles Heckman - Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times
In A Perfect World Podcast #143 with Niles Heckman: The Road to Wirikuta
Radiant Creators Interview With Niles Heckman – Finding The Yellow Brick Road
Wisdom in Your Footsteps - Niles Heckman - Neil Kramer
Nox Mente (Night Mind) | Niles Heckman - September 2018
The Higherside Chats - Neil Kramer & Niles Heckman | Transmutation, The Divine Mysteries & The Path Of The Mystic
VERITAS Radio Behind the Scenes of 'Transmutation'
Street Photography Magazine - Niles Heckman’s Philisophical Photography
Psychedelic Milk #100 - Uncovering the Human Potential in Truth
Transmutation Commentary Track #3 - Symbolism
Transmutation Commentary Track #2 - Process
Transmutation Commentary Track #1 - Manifestation
Occulture 84 “Yellow Brick Road” // Spiritual Maturation, Discovering Selfhood & Occult Layers in The Wizard of Oz
The Alchemy of Human Experience: Transmutation
Psychedelic Milk #86 - Christmas Awakening with Shonagh Home & Niles Heckman | Astrological Roots, Corporate Takeover
Psychedelic Milk #79 - The Mystery Traditions of Gnosticism with Miguel Conner & Niles Heckman | Symbology Hidden in Plain Sight
Psychedelic Milk #70 - Following The Spiritual Path To Become A Jedi
Psychedelic Milk #66 special edition - "Know Thyself"
Psychedelic Salon Podcast 542 – “Shamans of the Global Village”
Future Fossils 0027
The Alive Molecule - Future Primitive Apirl 28th, 2017
Psychedelic Milk #43
Third Eye Drops - Mind Meld 38
Grimerica Podcast #199
2017 Red Vic Panel Speaker
In A Perfect World Podcast #114: Shamans of the Global Village
C-Realm Radio 019
An Introduction to Shamans of the Global Village on Medium
World Premiere of Shamans of the Global Village at the Raindance International Film Festival
Grimerica Podcast #121
Psychedelic Science 2017 Panel Speaker
ISO1200 - Street photographers: The Talent of Observation
2016 Palenque Norte Lecture Speaker
Work Influenced by Direct Experiences on entheo.org
Melted Snow Podcast 08
Preamp Podcast 012 - A surrealistic talk-radio/music/stream of consciousness object
Work Days Don't Get Much Worse Than Rick Glenn & Niles Heckman's short 'Supervised'
Huffington Post - ‘Auroras,’ Niles Heckman Short Film, Explores Sci-Fi Lesbian Love
Psychedelic Salon #422 - Visualizing the Psychedelic Experience
Kramer & Heckman Zoom In
Niles Heckman Explores Cybernetic Love & Loss Under the Shadow of a Space Elevator
In A Perfect World Podcast #88 - Psychedelic Design in Hollywood
Eye Candy: Auroras
2014 Project Greenlight Submission
2014 Palenque Norte Lecture Speaker
Directors Notes Auroras interview
Auroras Kickstarter Pitch
New Filmmakers Los Angeles & Moviemaker Magazine Interview
Mini Cinema Interview 
New Filmmakers red carpet Interview
Directors Notes Supervised interview  
Novelty Generators Podcast #000
Visual Effects Society Panelist


All this being said do remember this ancient Eastern proverb from the Tao Te Ching:

Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know.