Childish Asleep Robots


Many of the people we know are great. They are good-hearted folks who just want to live their lives and do the right thing. Credit is given where it is due. However, because we are at a low point and the cell phone bars of consciousness are going from 1 to 2 in the scale of 5 and our entire society is a product of empirical expansion, it has left much of our fellow mankind in the modern world in a reduced state. This reduced state is evident in the behavior of many human beings on spaceship earth at this time. With typically few wanting to leave Plato’s cave but one could say the times they are a changing.

A term I oftentimes use for the average person, joe sixpack or sally soccer mom, who’s we’ve already established as not being malicious, and likely quite good-hearted, is a Childish Asleep Robot. I use this term because many people if you are really honest and see things clearly and transparently and objectively, exhibit behavior which is acting juvenile, while being asleep, and acting like machines.


Neoteny is a term to describe childlike traits in adults. While oftentimes responsibility is associated with growing up it’s also misconstrued with having the joy and play of the innocence of youth sucked out of you IE - grow up so you can pay your bills. I’m not so much talking about being responsible and setting noble goals to accomplish things, especially related to work, whatever your work may be however authentic or not. I’m talking about Neoteny in the sense of “adults” not having their own experience for things to gain knowledge and wisdom but instead always having it given to them by authority figures. We have schooling system which doesn’t educate and have little to no real initiations into adulthood such as a spirit quest or shamanic initiation like the native Americans and indigenous peoples oftentimes do. Where you must have an experience to pass from childhood to adulthood. So few people in technological first world modernity have their own experiences. Whether or not you were educated in the public school system, I was in public elementary school to high school before attending a private university, but I was able to see through the charade of always being subservient to a parent like adult figure to tell you what to do or what great they deemed worthy for you based on their own opinions of your performance, how well you conformed, and narrow spectrum short-term memory of multiple choice standardized testing. Unless you are living in a cabin in the woods being 100% self-governing while living off the land, it’s likely that this outsourcing of your own ability to be an independent operator continues through most folks lives, even into their 30’s, 40’s 50’s, 60’s etc...


Weather your polarized liberal and may look at the government as a mother figure to help those our in need or polarized conservative and think of it and corporations at father figure who need to protect you, you are still reliant on a authority to tell you want to think because true adulthood comes from when you truly begin to formulate your own thoughts, notions, and ideas. Those can only come directly through multicultural, multilingual travel and interaction.

Men oftentimes stay in a partial child-like state especially evident by a 45-year-old man wearing a basketball jersey and a baseball hat and a mature woman in a relationship can oftentimes be a good help for a male to stop wearing baggy pants, tuck in your shirts, get your shirts tailored, and buy more than one suit for the occasional wedding you will attend. I have a friend who’s constantly very well dressed, he dressed to impress and was asked by the other “do you iron your shirts” and his response was “you mean like an adult”? All fashion aside, the man in the business suit driving the BMW may look like an adult on the outside, but get him out of his comfort zone, lets perhaps say by rear-ending that piece of German engineering and see how quickly he likely he devolves into schoolyard childishness in terms of confrontation. This certainly doesn't apply to every gal or guy in a business suit supporting their fam but it applies to the majority. Same with comment threads on articles or political discussion on social media, it’s 98% echo chamber or flame war and 2% open-minded discourse and original thoughts.

Much of our outdated societal operating system gets folks to consent to things they don’t need to consent to. Their minds are so front-loaded with assumptions that they think they know what they really do not know. They have been conditioned throughout life in a culture and society which gets massive amounts of these not quite mature being to consent to their overlords. A good test for this is the apophatic question “do you know what color the sky is?” The correct answer is not blue but instead yes because the question “what color is the sky if was do you know what color the sky is?”


Achieving a level of being a conscious awaken woman man is a key. Folks thinking that waking up is realizing that the world is not as you thought it to be. That from a social-political standpoint much of what you once thought is realized to in fact often times be the opposite. While that’s certainly a step along the way, much of what the not fully mature human will be doing, the gal or guy driving that BMW to their office, is to behaving a machine like way day in and day out. Repeating the same patterns and occurrences. Thinking that their life could never be a bohemian life of uniqueness and originality, doing what feels right for them and them alone, but instead what society expects of them. Go to college, get a job, have children, pay your taxes, and tell yourself you are free. When in reality they may not be free, they are behaving like a robot.

A cold refrigerated human asleep in their matrix who is not the slightest bit awake to the potential true nature of reality and how magical this world is, but is instead concerned with their role in empirical commerce - ie the buying and selling of commodities what having two kids who will also never achieve real adulthood. Children raising children and societally we are still in the sandbox of maturity. The majority are not awake, the may be a bit 5 since conscious, but are multidimensionally unconscious to the much deeper and greater possibilities of what they can become. They are in an artificially induced states of consciousness which resembles sleep. They do not see that all is a reflection of the internal, that there is no separation, and that they have a direct connection to divinity, that they are all that has ever been and all that will ever be. As George Ivanovich Gurdjieff says of most of humanity, “machines they are born and machines they will die”.


But you are not entirely all those things are you? You realize some gradation of each of these traits may have been pushed on your by the system of low resonance but doesn’t represent all that you are or all that you are interested in. You are reading these words because you know that balance of these thing main traits discussed, childishness, sleepiness, and roboticness don’t total define you. You are aware of that part of you may need to behave these ways on occasion if you phase in and out of unreality, but these things in no way totally define you. You are thus optimistic about the future because you see that optimism in yourself.

The state, the culture, the country may treat you like a robotic sleeping child until you, yourself take it upon yourself to do certain things to prove to both them and you that you are ready to self govern, that you are truly educated, that you can truly see what your overarching importance is here, and how you as a most WOKE version of many of our brethren may not see, perhaps much of our occulted systems of commerce, and law, and business, and government and decentralized forms of finances are actually designed to get you to grow up and take your own responsibility into your own hands. We’ll see.