Hi-Speed Rail now! - Aurora-Lab (2013)

I've always loved trains and model train sets so I threw together this PSA which advocates the updating of America's rail system. Completed from start to finished in under a week. 

I once read that 75% of American's don't have a passport. Which means unless their regularly watching Rick Steve's Europe they have very little experience with infrastructure in other first world countries. Being fortunate enough to have traveled thoroughly, it's been great getting first hand exposure to some of that infrastructure. Especially in Europe & Asia, where to be honest, they're kicking our ass at it. Japan first had their Shinkansen bullet trains in the 70's so they're basically 50+ years ahead of us. 

Many regressive people in the US don't think we should update our current rail infrastructure or install state-of-the-art high-speed rail. They frequently spout talking points of falsehoods, half truths, and politically expedient euphemisms saying its too expensive or unnecessary. Of course the vast majority if not all of these people have never been on a high speed system so they have no idea what they're missing and also think it's perfectly fine to be guzzling gas in an SUV crammed in post apocalyptic traffic on a LA freeway or burning heavy quantities of jet fuel on a commercial airliner. It's unconscionable and down right embarrassing to me that we don't have a top of the line, efficient and much more environmentally sustainable high-speed system in the United States. Especially since they've been around for over half a century in other places. In terms of cost, its an expense infrastructure development yes, but significantly less than our current priorities which seem to be one step out of the dark ages spending billions of dollars a month feeding our military industrial complex just to get caught in disastrous desert occupations in the middle east for oil which only escalate hostilities. 

So this is my way of pushing back on negativity and avocation for a logical system on what is soon to be a post-patrolium planet. The footage was shot in Chicago at the Great Train Story model train set at Museum of Science and Industry and is the first piece I've directed with zero CG. Hooray!