Health Is Wealth

Health is physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of disease. It is your most precious possession.


At the time of writing this essay, I have been in numerous days of physical pain. In my infinite wisdom, I went off-roading on this property I have and got severe poison oak below the waist, arms and even some on my face. I somehow managed to get it on my eyelids as well which you may be able to still see my eyes as swollen as they’ve been deswelling for a few days.

It takes moments like this in life to really remind you that every day you feel good is a good day and to appreciate those days. When alive and healthy and feeling physically good, is truly a good day. It allows you to see why those who are in prolonged constant pain perhaps into their golden years want to go to Oregon which has assisted suicide and wrap it up.

When Health Is Absent Wealth Is Useless. Those who are wealthy may not always be healthy but the healthy people are always wealthy. Metal and physical well being are worth more than gold and silver. If your poor and healthy, you have the option to still live life ok but if you have all the money in the world and have not done all you can to be the best version of you which you can be, it doesn’t matter. There are physical reflections on mental misalignment in which case you end up in a steve jobs type situation where all money in the world can’t save you.

My mother had primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver numerous years ago and got about as far as humanly possible before the universe gave her a liver transplant, but she was so physically miserable up until that point that she started to occasionally confess things to the family such as “I’m not sure if I want to go on living anymore”. So it really takes being sick, or not feeling 100% to appreciate all the days we are healthy. Especially when you’re young, we don't fully respect our health or even take advantage of how good we feel by teenage / young adult shenanigans. Such as eating crap, binge drinking, sleeping around, etc…

A consistent lifestyle starting in your youth of healthy living (via the two main reasons you’ve always heard - diet and exercise) not forgetting a healthy environment, strong relationships, economic well being, proper personal hygiene and good old laughter. So you never have to have a traditional medicine doctor (quack or not) give you a diagnosis of a dark and stormy rain cloud one day. So you then only start changing your ways when the grim reaper is knocking at your door.

Food industries need to be incentivized to provide healthy natural foods and not high fructose corn syrups, factory farmed, a chemical sprayed, process crap to maximize their output and profits. Same story as every private industry while healthcare systems need focus on induced health over just corrective healthcare. Imagine a country where you get paid every time you do anything to increase mental or physical health such as meditate, get cardiovascular exercise, do yoga, or go to the gym, for example, so everything is focused on prevention rather than back-end treatment. Which would cost less than the current black hole money pit that is currently the American healthcare system which is actually the American sick care system not to mention potential to decentralize industry innovation and creativity in providing healthy living solutions?

So although it sounds a bit corny and slightly syrupy, is really true that health is wealth. Life of a healthy man is his long-lasting wealth. It makes him able to enjoy life to the full. This is an immerse simple phrase which has very deep truth to it. Just like many other phrases which have occult meanings and will surely be future essays such as:

“Mind over matter.”
“Where there's a will, there's a way.”
“And merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”.