Liars & Theves!

Really fun two-day shoot with San Francisco based production company Liars & Thieves!

Collin Kriner edits the spot as it's being shot. Everything's gotta be cut. 

On a side note, I'll use this to lead into a blurb on workflow storage... As modern moving image media makers, we capture a lot of data. Digital information which requires constant storage. So much to the point that my out of the industry wife constantly says "You're buying ANOTHER hard drive?!?!" in a nagging wife voice. Those external orange Thunderbolt LaCie hard drives are infinitely fast and I've taken up the habit of having a single orange drive per project. Storage space has become so cheap it's not worth the risk of losing irreplaceable files because you didn't have them double backed up. That in addition to the unnecessary life complication of having multiple projects on a single. Best to keep them separate.

External hard drives used to be so slow that it wasn't really an option to be able to work directly off of. Those times have changed however and one can easily edit straight from a faster Thunderbolt drive. Another solid reason to use them is in case your computer crashes and burns, your separate external drive won't be part of that scenario.

I've been slowly but surely trying to transform as much of the content of my life from analog data to digital storage data. All with the final goal of being able to move into a tiny house of course. The ultimate zen lifestyle of less physical STUFF. American's have storage lockers of stuff they don't need and that is unsustainable.