Worked with Peter Oberdorfer at Tactic Virtual Reality and team at Black Label Content on a live-action virtual reality shoot aboard a cruise liner out of Miami Florida. 

Tactic makes experiences and experiential content of every stripe, focused on immersive digital platforms and installations. With an emphasis on Gesture, as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality. They work across platforms and we “get” integrated communications. Creating technology that delivers that content as an experience – whether it’s an installation, an app, a headset, game or site. They consult with agencies and brands on technology applications and creative opportunities in emerging media.

While the subject matter of the job shale remain nameless, it's really great to hop on the Virtual Reality train. Live action shooting of VR is very similar to my old stomping ground of shooting panoramas for on set visual effects work. Both disciplines requring a 360 degree capturing of an environment photographically. 

We had four main VR rigs for this shoot, one being an array of three Sony A7s cameras, and the other three rigs were Go Pro based. Those small portable cameras have started realizing they're opening up a new world for virtual reality shooting due to their extremely small size and portability. Back-Bone is a venture which specializes in creating custom camera mounts for Go Pro's and leveled up our shooting capabilites even more.

I could talk about VR for hours. Some initial thoughts on the subject in my 2014 Palenque Norte talk.