Terra Incognita (Teaser #1 ) - AURORA-LAB (2015)

The Teaser trailer for a slow drip, multiple year long collaboration I'm directing with colleague and experiential journalist Rak Razam who previously created the documentary Aya Awakenings. Both he and I have been fascinated with a concept we're coining called "Psy-Fi" which is Science-Fiction writing influenced by enthogenic experiences.

Plot summary: In the not too distant future a cutting edge team of neuroshamanic researchers explore the nexus between consciousness and spirituality to bring back maps of hyperspace. 

This is a multi-layered project which he's writing and been working on for some time. There's a lot to share regarding this project which will be released in due course so stay tuned for feature updates. It's definitely shaping up to be my 3rd science fiction short film.