This project came about as a bit of an after thought...

I grew up in a household with a ton of animals. We mostly had cats, so I've become an avid dog lover. They're the most amazing zen creatures and life with one is so much better. This spot was shot over a couple weeks in my neighborhood of Playa Vista California with my two dogs Booze & Buster. Both of whom we got at shelters and have been fantastic additions to the family. The Shelter Pet Project is a very nice organization which helps people find pets through shelters rather then going through shallow breeders while so many already alive animals are in need of adoption. This marks the third or so commercial I've made on spec with zero budget and it's always nice to brand the piece with an organization which is doing good in the world.

I'm an advocate of using the cheapest camera hardware possible and have been in a search to find a affordable solution to shoot slow motion for my upcoming first feature project which I'm very excited about. I've shot two yet to be released projects on Red. One on Red One which shoots at 90fps and another on Red Epic which shoots at 300fps.

While recently changing phone providers to the nice small company that is Credo Mobile, a progressive phone company which uses the Sprint backbone, I discovered in my research the iPhone5s shoots 120fps at 720p. Problem solved and I'm calling this discovering a synchronicity. So yes, all the footage in this spot was shot on an iPhone using The Slingshot stabilizer. Probably the best $20 I've ever spent.